Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Maitland Ward

Getting to Know Fleshlight Girl Maitland Ward


A few weeks back, we excitedly announced the talented and charming redhead, Maitland Ward, had joined our Fleshlight Girl lineup. 

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you our exclusive interview with her. Watch the video below or simply continue reading to learn all about the mainstream actress who became an adult entertainment superstar overnight.

Known from her roles as Rachel on Boy Meets World and the ditsy blonde Brittany in White Chicks, Maitland Ward is no stranger when it comes to performing on camera. 
Early in her career, Ms. Ward found a passion for roleplaying and cosplay. This comic con enthusiast says cosplay has helped her be more confident in feeling sexy on and off the camera. When she made the decision to get into the adult industry, this passion helped her transition as an immediate star.
Maitland entered the adult industry in 2019 as the new face of, a high-end XXX site with a luxurious and sensual feel doing mild kink, while working with high-profile stars like fellow Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid. 
After her first year of porn, she won Best Supporting Actress at the 2020 AVN Awards.
Earlier this year, while out in Las Vegas, we had the chance to have a sit-down chat with Ms. Ward, ask her a few fun questions, and catch it all on camera.
Continue reading to see what Maitland had to say...

Why did you become a Fleshlight Girl? 

“I wanted to be a Fleshlight Girl because it is the highest-end, most quality product. I wanted to give my fans something sensational and something that could be used. I wanted it to be a top-quality, classy product and brand.”
“I’m really proud to be a part of Fleshlight.”

Who is your celebrity crush? 

“I keep answering in interviews that I have a celebrity crush on Jason Momoa. I’m into cosplay and he’s…he’s like this big strong guy and he’s hot.”
“So, I think he should get into porn.”

What would be the title of your autobiography? 

“The Accidental Porn Star”

“Everything kind of fell into place where it happened. It wasn’t really like I was planning it.”

If you could be any animal, what would it be? 

“I could be an animal like a tiger or a lion… No, a panther. I would be a panther if I was an animal. They’re not funny enough for me, though. I think I would be a... humorous panther.”

We hope you enjoyed this segment of Q&A with Fleshlight Girl Maitland Ward. Be sure not to miss out on her new spectacularly unique pussy and ass Fleshlights. Get yours here!

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