Behind the Scenes with Joanna Angel - Fleshlight

Behind the Scenes with Joanna Angel

Earlier this year, while out in Las Vegas, we teamed up with the Queen of “alt-porn” Joanna Angel for a full-day photoshoot where she showcased her stunning tattoos, tight body, and mischievous smile.

Behind-the-scenes, we were lucky enough to be able to get up close and personal with the erotic brunette Fleshlight Girl.

Check out Joanna’s behind the scenes video below or simply keep reading to see how it went down!

Joanna Angel’s 2020 Fleshlight Girl Photoshoot

During our Fleshlight Girl photoshoot in Las Vegas, Nevada, we were on location with both Joanna and a dozen other Fleshlight Girls as they posed both nude and in skimpy attire with a stunning desert backdrop. 

As you can see in our behind-the-scenes-video, Ms. Angel poses with her signature Fleshlights, Mischief and Punk. In addition, at one point, you might have noticed she also struts her stuff alongside our Fleshlight Product Care Kit, a must-have for an Fleshlight aficionado. 


During our Fleshlight Girl photoshoots, we have three goals in mind: to build out a new collection of Fleshlight Girl photography, interact and network with our amazing girls in person, and, of course, to hold fun interviews, getting to know them on a deeper level. 

Here’s “Getting to Know Joanna Angel”.

All About Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is anything but your typical “porn girl.” Known for her charisma, colorful tattoos, and as one of the founders of “alt-porn,” she is both a porn star and porn director. 

Earlier in her career, Joanna saw that the popularity of the famous porn site Suicide Girls grow exponentially year after year. It was at this time when she decided that she could do something on her own – similar but far better. 

It was then that Ms. Angel set off to launch her own adult website, Burning Angel, that put both her amazing tattoos and fantastic body on display. Through this platform, she began creating kinky content of erotic fantasies for both men and women to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.



Since her debut in the early 2000s, Angel has starred in more than 130 adult productions. She also developed a reputation for her sense of humor after starring in a series of parody films such as “The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody” and “All About That Orgy.” 

As if this wasn’t enough, Joanna is also one of our most active Fleshlight Girls here in 2020. Joanna has hosted our weekly IG Live feature, FleshLive, where she hosts chats with a different Fleshlight Girl or Fleshjack Boy. She has played an integral part in helping Fleshlight’s social media thrive this year!

Joanna Angel’s replica sex toys for men “Mischief” and “Punk” are ranked amongst the best Fleshlight sensations across the internet. Known for both their hugging tightness and insane stimulation, you absolutely do not want to miss out on these.

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