Fleshlight in Pop Culture: A Barkbox Thanksgiving Special

Fleshlight in Pop Culture: A Barkbox Thanksgiving Special

Last November a comical (and unlikely) online interaction took place between us here at Fleshlight and a company that specializes in selling dog toys and treats.

BarkBox – a monthly subscription service for dog owners – released a Thanksgiving-themed November “box” that features a toy that looks more like something like you’d slide INTO rather than chew ON. 

Exhibit A:


Needless to say, the internet quickly caught on and it went viral. 

But First, What is Barkbox?

If you’re a dog owner, you’re gonna love these guys. 

Despite accidentally being momentarily connected to us, BarkBox is a very wholesome subscription service.

Their business is similar to other popular subscription services in 2020 with one major difference–this is 100% for your furry friend. They specialize in sending toys, treats, and chews to its members' dogs once every month. 


Each Barkbox typically comes packed with two toys, two bags of treats and a chew.

The Barkbox + Fleshlight Fiasco of 2019

As we mentioned, last November BarkBox was inspired by Thanksgiving. Due to this, the toys and treats resembled turkey, mashed potatoes and a deviled egg. 

The company’s social media team loves memes and it frequently posts pictures of good “bois” posing handsomely beside the most recent month's offering. 

So, when it decided to include an American classic hors d'oeuvre, “Pig In A Blanket” toy, 

Naturally, the dirty minds of the internet took it to a horny place, and the ad went viral with comments insinuating that the dog toy was something that looked like Buddy would want to shove his lipstick into.

With the Fleshlight being the world’s best selling male masturabator manufacturer, the conversation quickly shifted in our direction.

Surprisingly (and hilariously), instead of apologizing or making excuses for its new product, BarkBox rolled with it. 

On social media, the company had a field day replying to comments in a laid-back, tongue-in-cheek sort of way.



When a follower posted the question asking if “anybody thought about this design” was answered with the following: 

“We thought………. long and hard about it”. 

Then, when another commenter asked if everyone else also interpreted it as “the newest model Fleshlight,” Barkbox responded, saying, 

“Yo, pigs have butts too, guys”. 

We here at Fleshlight had one of our most memorable “LOL moments” when a person commented: 


Of course, our social media team here at Fleshlight couldn’t resist joining in on the fun.

While it would have been a brilliant PR stunt, we highly doubt their intent was to make a “sexual” chew toy. Despite this, the viral fame was great for their business: 

They sold out in just three hours! Sales were up 200% above average for a normal, non-promotional day.

This year, not only are they bringing their Pig Butts back again in three various sizes (small, medium, large), they’re taking this campaign to a whole new level. 

Barkbox is now taking the obvious next step, and that is to make the piggies their own OnlyFans account, sell them, and donate everything to a spay and neuter organization.

In fact, they recently posted a blog article explaining everything. Click here to check it out!

So, what are you waiting for? This holiday season, treat Fido to his very own Fleshlight pig’s in a blanket chew toy available only at Barkbox!

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