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5 Reasons to Buy a Fleshlight

As guys, most of us are looking for ways to improve our performance in the bedroom. In doing so, a lot of us search for advice far and wide.

Some of us seek counsel from a friend, others might read a book, but almost all of us, eventually, take our research to one place: the internet.

YouTuber Taylor Johnson, the creator of the channel Sexual Mastery Coach for Men, is not your typical “sex advice for men” guru. 


With a calm, soothing voice and zen-like approach to sexual performance improvement, he brings a fresh voice and unique perspective to the space. In his videos, he dives deep into taboo topics such as masturbation, semen retention, and orgasmic mastery.

Taylor believes sexuality impacts EVERY area of your life. It’s at the core of what it means to be human, and when you supercharge your sex life, you supercharge your entire life. The goal of his channel, he says, is to help you experience more pleasure, more abundance, and more power in both your sex life and all areas of your life.

In a recent video, Taylor Johnson discussed his recent purchase of a Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight and his experience with it. In addition to this, he discusses that he is now suggesting that his clients use it in his Orgasmic Mastery course designed to help you master your sexual energy, overcome premature ejaculation, and supercharge your entire life.


In 5 Reasons to Buy a Fleshlight, Taylor elaborates on why he believes our products are a must-have for men, not only due to the instant sexual gratification that they provide, but because of how they have the potential to improve your sexual performance, too. 

Check out the video below or keep reading for a breakdown of what he had to say!

 Reason #1: Your Sexual Pleasure Matters

The first reason to buy a Fleshlight is pretty simple: your pleasure is important. We get to be alive in these sexual bodies and be humans and explore. Using a Fleshlight is an incredible opportunity to experience pleasure! 

For me, that alone should be reason enough to get one because it's worth exploring pleasure– it's just worth it. 

Reason #2: It Can Help You Overcome Premature Ejaculation  

Second, practicing (sex) with a Fleshlight will help you overcome premature ejaculation and be able to last longer in bed, having sex for as long as you want. I encourage every guy in my orgasmic mastery course to get one of these as part of their practice session because it increases the sensation your penis experiences. It's so much more than what your hand could ever do. They feel fucking awesome! 

When practicing with it while implementing breathing exercises such as “energetic pleasure circulation exercises and microcosmic orbit” you'll increase your capacity to experience more pleasure without ejaculating. 

Reason #3: A Fleshlight Makes Masturbation More Fun

The following reason to own a Fleshlight is that it makes masturbation so much more fun and realistic. Think about it, when most guys masturbate, we're just sitting here, moving our hands up and down in the shower or elsewhere.

But with a Fleshlight, you can mount one on the wall of your shower or put it up on a counter and fuck it or put it down on your bed and hold it down and fuck it like you're having sex with somebody.

I've noticed for myself it allows me to get more deeply into fun kinds of fantasy scenarios and also just some love making self-pleasure experiences by myself that I could never do with my hand. Fucking your hand just doesn't work in the same way as if you were to fuck one of these things. 

It just makes masturbation more fun and more realistic in terms of practicing to be able to last longer in bed or overcome premature ejaculation.

Reason #4: Sexual Liberation

The next reason I recommend owning a Fleshlight is that it can free you from sexual shame. Not entirely, but it can liberate you in many ways from sexual guilt. When I first started looking at these to buy one, I noticed that I felt weird (mental) blocks coming up, and I kind of went into a freeze response thinking, "Oh, but that's weird." Like, there's something weird or gross about them, and that's just not true. 

There are millions of sex toys out there for women; dildos of all sizes and colors and shapes – weird animal dildos, fruit, and all kinds of stuff. 

But when it comes to sex toys for men, there are really not that many options out there. So, I say go for it! 

Even the actual act of purchasing one of these can be a liberating experience for you; it can break some of that shame. Personally, it helped to break some of that shame for me as soon as I clicked the purchase button. I just felt better about my sexuality. 

I made the decision to change my mindset to: "Fuck shame. Fuck all that noise. I'm important, and my pleasure matters, and I want to feel good. I want to explore my sexual body."

Reason #5: It's a Great Conversation Starter

My final reason for owning one of these Fleshlights is that it can be a great conversation piece. 

Yes, I'm suggesting bringing it to a party. Be intelligent with which party you bring it to you, but I actually brought my Fleshlight to a costume party recently. Even though it was hilarious and, in a way, a part of my costume, when I walked up to this party, I still felt a little anxiety and awkwardness of showing up with a Fleshlight pocket pussy.


People were drinking beer and playing yard games, frisbee, card games, and all kinds of stuff, and here I come in with this thing. At first, the reaction was what you would expect. People were like, "Oh gross, why are you bringing that here?" You know the typical immediate responses you might expect, stemming from all our weird societal programming and the shame we have around sex. 

However, by the end of the night, almost everybody had touched my Fleshlight with great joy and curiosity and was fascinated by it. They wanted to understand what it was like, and they wanted to have a conversation about it. One woman even put it to her lips and tried to play it like a trombone! 

I share that story just to give an example that everybody's a lot more interested in sex and talking about sex than they might let on.

Final Words

We hope you found this segment of the FleshLife blog as interesting as we did. If you want to learn more about Taylor Johnson’s work, you can follow him on YouTube and visit his website here. 

Finally, if you’d like to begin improving your sexual performance, click here to shop the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight today!

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