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The Quickshot is our smallest toy that is perfect for both solo and group play. Makes a great toy for enhanced oral fun!

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The Fleshlight Quickshot collection is the answer for those seeking a more compact and convenient version of the original Fleshlight. These models feature a condensed sleeve that offers a snug fit to stimulate your pleasure zones. The Quickshot Fleshlight also includes a condensed, portable case with caps for convenient storage or travel. Quickshot Vantage and Quickshot Boost, the two primary models of this collection, each showcase a fully opened orifice on each end. This double opening makes the tool easy to clean after solo sessions, and it provides a sumptuous aid for receiving fellatio and oral play. With the best Fleshlight Quickshot combo packs also available, you will want to plunge right into an erotic experience. 

The Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight

Indulge in silken pleasure with the Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight. This handheld adult toy features a completely clear case and sleeve that allows you to view every thrust. Measuring 3.5 inches in length, this handy tool is the perfect size to take on the road.

The Vantage model has a plush SuperSkin texture that simulates a lady's velvety orifice, and it features a delightfully smooth opening on each end. Enjoy unrestricted release during solo stimulation or magnify pleasurable sensations during oral sex with your partner. The open-ended design makes the Fleshlight Quickshot simple to clean with Fleshwash fluid, and its sleeve enables easy storage once it is dry.

The Quickshot Boost Fleshlight

Intensify every erotic moment with the Quickshot Boost Fleshlight. This compact adult toy features a steel-hued SuperSkin sleeve with thick ripples and bumps that massage your length with each stroke. The Boost model has a silky orifice on each end that simulates the sleekness of a lady's flower as you glide through. Use the Quickshot Boost along with Fleshlight lubricant to raise the heat during solo masturbation or provide a scorching aid while receiving fellatio. The Boost model comes in a masculine black case and includes two caps for easy storage.

The Clear Skies Flight Pleasure Pack

Explore uncharted heights of sexual gratification with the Clear Skies Flight pack. This pack includes both the Quickshot Vantage and the tight Fleshlight Flight Aviator, securing its rank among the best Fleshlight Quickshot combo packages. The Flight Aviator features a clear case and sleeve with smooth internal ridges that tease and massage you, and the Vantage has a see-through sleeve that lets you watch every exciting movement. With Fleshlube Water also included, this pack offers an awesome erotic experience.

The Clear as Ice Pleasure Pack

Enjoy sultry visual appeal with the Clear as Ice pack. This combo pack features the ultimate combination of transparent sex toys, including the Quickshot Vantage, Fleshlight Flight Aviator, Go Torque, and Ice Lady. No matter your mood, these clear devices can enhance your personal time during travel or while relaxing at home. The pack also includes Fleshlube Ice to maximize the joy of each stroke.

Self-stimulation and couples play are fun by hand, but you can magnify the delight of each experience using your favorite Fleshlight. If you are looking for a compact model that is easy to use, transport, and clean, the Fleshlight Quickshot is a stellar solution that you will want to delve into at every opportunity.