Collection: Mens Sex Toys

Even though your hand gets the job done, it can be a little taxing and a little boring. A men's sex toy allows you to have more intense stimulation and to explore new textures and feelings during your alone time or with your partner. There are toys to stimulate your prostate, sleeves that simulate a blowjob and toys that allow you to interact with virtual fantasies or your partner through the internet.

Lady Packs

If you enjoy spending your alone time watching a girl-on-girl video, then you're probably familiar with Abigail Mac. Bring your fantasy to fruition with the Ultimate Abigail Experience pack. This pack has everything that you need, including a sleeve with an impression of her clit and lips, a shower mount for intense, wet pleasure and lube for easy entry. It also has a sleeve warmer, so you can get your end result in a tight, warm orifice just like hers. You could also check out the Savage MILF pack, which includes sleeves from two popular MILFs along with lube options and two pearl cases.

Get a Great Blow Job

When you love blowjobs, having a few men's sex toys to help you out allows you to have the release you crave. The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust offers three points of insertion, giving you plenty of options for pleasure. If you like to go deep, you'll get that tightness you crave when you thrust all the way into the sleeve. You could also pick up one or a few of the Fleshlight girls sleeves to go along with the Turbo Thrust. Choose a lady sleeve that inspires you and turns you on for more excitement in the bedroom.

Go Virtual

Whether you want to engage with your partner when you travel or you want to try out a virtual reality fantasy or game, try out the Fleshlight Launch. It connects with your Fleshlight toy, allowing you to get results while watching your favorite girl-on-girl videos or other encoded videos. Be sure to pick up your preferred type of lube for smooth entry and a great display of your end results with the Launch.

Anal Adventures

When you prefer the tightness of the anal opening, there are individual sleeves of all of your favorite lady stars. If you'd like to start out with a few options, check out the Anal Adventures pack. It comes with Lisa Ann's Savage and Adriana Chechik's anal orifices. Also check out the sex in a can for something different and kinky. With these men's sex toys, you can achieve more intense orgasms and enhance your endurance for the times you're with your partner.

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