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Have you and your partner fantasized about trying something new in the bedroom? Why not expand your horizons with anal toys for couples? She can pleasure you with anal stimulation, which could help you achieve sensations you've never experienced before. The stimulation in a man's perineum region tickles the prostate and delivers a mind-blowing response. If she is new to anal play, Fleshlight anal toys are a gentle way to explore rear entry and get her ready to welcome your member.

Ride the Rocks Off

The Rocks Off series is a good place to start for those new to rear entry pleasure. It delivers pleasurable pressure to his prostate and his and her perineum. The Rocks Off Cheeky Boy provides three different sensations with its firm beaded texture. Use it laying down, standing, or on your side. Its 9-inch member works hands-free, or your partner can control the level of insertion and speed of thrusting. The Rocks Off Rude Boy reaches the male G-spot and vibrates to achieve a satisfying experience. Since it's also waterproof, you can take it in the shower or bath, too.

Stimulate the Anal G-spot

Give or receive an anal massage with the Aneros Progasm Ice toy. This toy is made of medical-grade plastic, and each unit is unique. Its insertable length is 4.5 inches, which is just right to reach his or her anal G-spot. The toy stimulates his prostate and provides her with a dual sensation. Use it alone or with a partner. This toy is also great to use with stamina training products for building up to a longer pleasure time.

"Njoy" Each Other or Yourself

Are you looking to "Njoy" your partner? Try the Njoy series, which includes a pure plug in small, medium, or large as well as the fun wand. These toys are made of smooth, firm stainless steel. While the fun wand has a titillating series of graduated beads, the pure plug offers a rounded head and shaft just like your member. For your first time, try it with Ice or Water lube for a smooth and satisfying experience.

Couples Rimming Play

Take your couples' play to the next level with the B-plug rimming play toy. This toy is made of smooth, seamless silicone. At its base, the B-plug has beads that vibrate to stimulate in all of the right places. The beads rotate at the entry of your butt, which is where you have the greatest number of nerve endings. Your partner can pleasure you by changing its speed with the remote control. It also pairs well with sex toys for women, so you can come together.

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