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Sep 14, 2018

Whether You Tell Her or Not is Entirely Up To You

Whether You Tell Her or Not is Entirely Up To You
When you masturbate or use a Fleshlight that can stay your little secret, whether you are single or you are in a relationship. You can take control of your own pleasure and not have to answer to anyone regardless of your status. The thing is that, whether or not your tell your partner about your masturbation habits is up to you!
First of all, helping yourself to some pleasure might seem like a selfish act to some, but it’s actually an evolved thing. Each time you do it you are learning more about yourself and your sexuality. You are actually doing a lot of work to improve yourself sexually when you masturbate. It could actually be good for your relationship. Anyone who makes you think that your masturbation is not a good thing isn’t doing you any favours.
When you decide whether or not to tell your partner about your masturbation, try to put yourself in their shoes. How would you react? If you would be happy for them, then it might a good idea to tell them because couples often have similar sexual values. However, if you would feel hurt by it, it might be better to keep it a secret. Good communication and openness when it comes to sexuality is always a good idea in a relationship, but you know your relationship the best and you know how the special person in your life will react.
Masturbation is actually a normal and healthy part of everyone’s life, so there’s not a reason to feel ashamed. Disclosing your masturbation habits is a totally personal decision and it’s fully up to you. Using a Fleshlight to enhance your masturbation or practice your sex skills is nothing to hide, but you know your relationship best, so make your disclosure decision based on that.

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