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What is Mutual Masturbation?

What is Mutual Masturbation? 

Masturbation as a whole is an activity not commonly discussed in society. It's assumed that masturbation is an intimate, private activity reserved for the lonely dark of your bedroom. 

This makes the act of mutual masturbation even more exciting and radical. Mutual masturbation can function in one of two ways:

  1. You and a partner masturbate in front of each other.
  2. You and a partner stimulate the other's genitals as one would when masturbating.

Mutual masturbation is a thrilling new sexual experience where you and your partner can safely break society's norms, getting off at the same time. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and share some top tips for reaching an orgasmic finish with your partner. 

What Are the Benefits of Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation has plenty of benefits outside of being a fantastic way to spend time with a partner. Some prominent benefits include:

  • Lower risk of STDs: If there's no anal, vaginal, or oral intercourse, then the risk of STD transmission is drastically lowered. However, there is still a chance for disease/infection transfer when engaging in any sexual activity. Be mindful and follow proper precautions whenever possible. 
  • A better understanding of your partner's preferences: When masturbating, you know how to move and act to push all your own buttons and end up with a fantastic orgasm. Watching your partner masturbate, and vice versa will teach you how to get them squirting in no time. 
  • Lower stress levels: Engaging in sexual activities releases hormones that lower stress and generally lead to a better mood. These endorphins are only increased when you're with a partner, even if you're not having active intercourse. 
  • Pain-free orgasms: It's common to experience mild to severe pain when engaging in vaginal or anal sex. Various medical issues can make it challenging to have intercourse without this pain. Mutual masturbation offers all the pleasure with none of the stressful pain. 

The benefits of mutual masturbation are innumerable, and every amateur couple deserves to learn about them firsthand.

Top Tips for Pleasurable Mutual Masturbation

There's no better teacher than experience, but a little guidance can help along the way. These expert tips can lead to a fantastic wank and huge cumshot for you and your partner. 

Test Different Positions

Just like other forms of sex, mutual masturbation includes plenty of options for pleasurable positions. Here are some top positions to try for a stellar session:

  • Sit next to each other for optimal handjob and fingering vantage points
  • Try 69-ing
  • Recline back while a partner sits at a lower elevation to watch closeup and participate
  • Watch porn videos together, such as amateur mutual masturbation compilations or MILF cumshot videos
  • Lay opposite each other to stimulate genitals from a new angle
  • Have one partner 'koala bear' the other to simulate genitals in a close, deeply intimate manner

The goal is to find out different methods that work for both partners. Some positions won't be your favorite. Just keep trying new ideas until something blows both of your minds. 

Keep Open Communication 

Free-flowing communication during new sexual experiences is an absolute requirement. It impacts the level of safety and comfort for each partner and also ups the pleasure for every real couple. 

As you learn each other's preferences, make sure to communicate what works/what doesn't. If you're unsure how to broach a topic, consider these tips mutual masturbation couples use to encourage open communication. 

  1. Establish a safe word: When trying anything new sexually, it's a good idea to set a safe word; otherwise, there’s a chance that mutual masturbation goes way too far. This word or phrase should be memorable and short. If a partner utters the safe word, then everything immediately stops. 
  2. Discuss thoughts after the act: You can have fun and enjoy a mutual jerking-off session and still have notes. Maybe the session could go better if things were a little different, or perhaps the session inspired you to try something different next time. Chat things over after to get the full effect of your next kinky session. 
  3. Check during the session: Small affirmative phrases like 'this good?' or 'don't stop' can cue your partner to communicate/act in the most sensual manner. Don't hesitate to express yourself, even at the height of a mutual masturbation orgasm. 

This kind of communication can lead to exciting opportunities like a simultaneous orgasm.

Try It As a Warm Up

Like good lingerie or enthusiastic pussy licking, mutual masturbation doesn't have to lead to an orgasm to be pleasurable. You can experiment with mutual masturbation as a form of foreplay for an even better sexual experience. 

When you masturbate together as foreplay, consider what your plan is. If you're a person with a penis, then orgasming during the mutual session may put intercourse on pause for a while. If you're a person with a vagina, there may be no such issues, so going all the way during the initial session can lead to more female orgasms.

Keep openly communicating with your partner and delight in foreplay that sets you both up for fantastic intercourse. 

Go at a Comfortable Pace

You or your partner may not be ready for a vigorous mutual masturbation session yet. As you explore this new method, feel free to take it as fast or slow as is comfortable (and remember tip #2 of communicating).

Mutual masturbation can be an intimate sexual act, and some people require more lead-up and practice to feel at ease and get into the experience. Start slow and build from there, taking cues from your partner and your own body's responses. 

You'll both be cumming from mutual masturbation in no time. 

Incorporate Sex Toys 

Sex toys aren't just for solo use. These devices can improve both your and your partner's experience. Don't be afraid to add toys to enhance the occasion! 

Here's some guidance on successfully adding toys to your sex life and living out every fetish:

  1. Broach the topic with your partner: Don't just whip out a sex toy in the heat of the moment. Before you get down and dirty, ask your partner how they feel about using sex toys together and start brainstorming options as a unit. 
  2. Pick a toy that you're both comfortable with: Buying a brand-new vibrator and starting a mutual masturbation session may be more educational than pleasurable. You want to start out with toys that you're both familiar with. Ideally, these toys should be well-used prior to the experience. 
  3. Start slow and build the tension: Don't rush into things. Tension can add layers of pleasure to your session. Start introducing the toy slowly and build speed at a gradual pace. 
  4. Use porn as an aphrodisiac: Free porn + a sex toy is the ultimate combination that gets both partners ready to go. Consider popping on your favorite pornstar's film, a big tits POV creampie compilation, or an ideal Samantha Flair blowjob and strap in for a great time. The right toy and cumshot compilation film combo will be your best friend. 

Whichever method and pace you use, ensure the toy is high quality and body safe. The best toy is like a threesome in a bottle. 

Enhance Your Mutual Masturbation Experience With Fleshlight

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Our lines of sex toys are made to fulfill every fantasy. Start exploring your options today and discover the best sex toy for your next mutual masturbation experience. 

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