What is a Fleshlight?

What is a Fleshlight?

Achieving a true-to-life sensation while using a masturbatory aid can be a hair-raising experience, and that's why the Fleshlight has become the #1 product on the market, selling over 12 million units since inception. Thanks to its sleeve-based design, you'll have access to an array of inserts intended to trigger amazing sensations from tight to loose and from smooth to ribbed. Using realistic-feeling materials and sturdy construction, the Fleshlight delivers many hours of heavenly pleasure.

The Fleshlight can also be seen as a gateway to a wide range of highly personalized moments. Most models are designed to be compatible with a number of accessories, including hands-free systems, virtual sex adapters and vibrators. Mixing and matching sleeves and accessories yields an almost endless series of combinations that will challenge the stamina of even the boldest guys.

Impeccable Design

You may be wondering, "What is a Fleshlight?" Employing Real Feel SuperSkin® material, the sleeve is able to re-create the experience of skin-on-skin contact with impressive accuracy. Each sleeve model features an orifice that will invite you to explore. As you push deeper, you'll love the titillating sensation of the interior of the sleeve stroking you. Just like the real deal, you can add a little lubrication to change up the pace every once in a while.

The variety of available sleeves will have you wanting to try them all. The Mini Lotus is 9 inches of smooth and varied textures waiting to be explored. If you have a bit of an adventurous streak in you, you can test your limits with the Destroya, a sleeve featuring multidirectional bumps, teeth and fangs that will challenge you with every thrust. Should you wish to find out what it's like to have something "ribbed for his pleasure," the Super Ribbed Pink Sleeve is ready to put you to the test. You can even check out the Classics and learn firsthand how Fleshlight became the top name in the business. Whether you're looking for complex feelings or simple thrills, there's no shortage of choices.

What Is a Fleshlight Built Like?

The engineers at Fleshlight understand that exhilarating moments can sometimes get a little rough. Rest assured, though, that every Fleshlight and sleeve is built to hold up to the relentless pounding you'll want to give it. The sturdy canister design is intended to look like an oversized flashlight, permitting to you to store it discreetly. The top-quality material will hold up to many uses, and it's also easy to clean. Simply grab the So Fresh and So Clean Pack to give your sleeve the attentive care that it has earned. You can also see that your Fleshlight will be safe and sound by buying one of the attractive and durable cases.

Flawless Beauty

If you're curious to know what a Fleshlight is like up close, you'll be amazed by the level of detail that goes into each product. There are a number of orifices available, including lady, butt and mouth sleeves that give you all the thrills you'd anticipate with an actual partner. If you've ever wondered what it's like to have sex with a porn star or camgirl, you can check out the Fleshlight Girls collection, a set of sleeves modeled after the gorgeous ladies of your dreams. Each orifice is a faithful replica based on the girls you've seen in your favorite porn videos and pictures. Should you wish to try something outside the box, the Freaks await you. Seeing the level of craftsmanship that goes into every Fleshlight will leave you with an appreciation for the female body and an understanding of why it has inspired artists and poets since time immemorial.

So Many Openings

Knowing that variety is the spice of life, the geniuses in the design department at Fleshlight have sought to give guys a ceaseless supply of choices. From a simple hole as featured on the Pure Stamina Training Unit to the complex and accurate replicas of the Dorcel Girls Collection, you'll be able to find something that instantly gets you excited. The classic blowjob experience is replicated using the Turbo sleeve, a model that reproduces the feeling of lips, tongue and throat all stroking the shaft. Whether you're a guy who has just one approach that you love or who has to take a shot at every hole, you won't believe what you've been missing.

Endless Play

Hearing about the array of available options may have you saying, "What is a Fleshlight not capable of?" Courtesy of an array of accessories, you'll be able to enjoy as varied an experience as your imagination will allow you to. If you're looking to go hands-free, you can go on a mission with the Liberator. Those guys who prefer the feeling of shower sex can take advantage of the Shower Mount. Even if you're dealing with an on-the-go lifestyle, you can take your favorite sleeve with you thanks to the Go Surge Traveler Pack. Those inclined to sneak around with their Fleshlights will be thrilled by the Sex in a Can option. Wherever and whenever you need a little excitement, the perfect masturbatory aid will always be close at hand.

Amazing Accessories

Everybody gets their thrills a little differently than the next guy, and that's why it's important to find a set of accessories that will enhance your experience. Those looking to use vacuum therapy to maximize the strength and endurance of their erections will be astonished by what they can achieve with the FleshPump. If you're someone who enjoys the warm cradle of a beautiful woman, the Sleeve Warmer will see that your pocket pussy will feel just as inviting as the real thing. The automatic shutoff feature ensures that you'll get the right temperature every time. All accessories are also water-resistant, so a light dampness will never be a problem.

Always Innovating

The advance of technology may have you curious about what a Fleshlight is going to be like in the future. With products like the Fleshlight Launch, the two best answers are automatic and amazing. Producing an astounding 180 strokes per minute, it's the totally hands-free device you've always wanted. You can even add your favorite VR goggles to take the thrills to a whole new level.

Couples will be excited to check out the numerous choices from our partnership with Kiiroo, a leader in teledildonic experiences. Even when the one you love isn't close enough to touch, a wild ride is just a couple of clicks away. Using a mixture of mobile technologies, both partners can keep the fire kindling for the next time they see each other in person.

If the idea of sex with a porn star seems more appealing, the VStroker promises a virtual journey that will blow your mind. However you might think of the experience of sex, Fleshlight is ready to help you push it to the absolute edge.

Good Vibrations

As a guy, it's easy to feel jealous of the many wild nights of pleasure women have gotten from their vibrators. Thanks to the engineers at Fleshlight, however, it's your turn to experience every amazing tremor that comes with a vibe. The Fleshlight Vibro is designed to create an all-around sensation that will bring you quickly to your climax. Available in both lady and butt sleeve options, it's the perfect way for guys to find out what all the fuss is about vibrators.

For many men, the feeling that their stamina just isn't good enough can be a limitation. If you're looking to get better as fast as possible, you can have fun while you do it with the Stamina Training Unit Collection. Each sleeve is designed to accurately replicate the feeling of intense sexual intercourse. For guys who worry about their staying power, it represents a chance to improve their performance by mastering the true power of their own orgasms. It's also a great option for individuals and couples who are into or wish to explore edging. Whether you're looking for maximum control or stratospheric thrills, this is your opportunity to learn just how far you can go.

The Simplest Ideas

If you're a firm believer that the simple tricks are often the best ones, Fleshlight has thought of you. Many guys have a highly visual component to their sexuality, and the Ice Lady is a paired sleeve and case, both of which are transparent. You get to see everything, and it will all look bigger, too. It features the lady orifice and a crystal texture that delivers a unique set of thrills.

All Comers Welcome

Every man is different, and that applies even on the physical level. Most Fleshlight sleeves are designed to replicate the feeling of penetration to 9 inches or more, and they're typically enclosed. If you'd rather play with something shorter, the Quickshot Vantage is ready to excite. There are fully exposed orifices on each end, and it's half the length of the standard Fleshlight. It makes a fabulous addition for couples who want a supplementary aid for fellatio, too. It also features a clear SuperSkin sleeve. For a more surprising ride, you can also explore the thick ribs and bumps of the Quickshot Boost.

Mix and Match

The desire to want to be with a number of gorgeous women is understandable, and you can take advantage of Fleshlight deals to obtain the precise experience you want. If you've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with two different porn stars, you can quickly arrange a Fleshlight Orgy. From a cutie like Riley Reid to a gorgeous MILF like Brandi Love, there are many ways to explore. You can even set up a younger-older threesome with the Taboo Pack. Different orifice, sleeve and accessory combinations are available, so you can have a unique sexual experience every day of the week.


An Amazing Experience

What is a Fleshlight? It's your chance to experience thrills like never before. The patented Real Feel SuperSkin® replicates the sensation of being with an actual woman. Each sleeve is designed to ensure that every thrust will test your limits. The lineup of products is a great addition for those flying solo and couples who want to add new elements, such as cock rings, to their sex lives. There's even a line of impressive products aimed at the sexual needs of women. Regardless of your motivations, you can readily find a toy that will leave you feeling spent every time you use it.

Fleshlight is also supported by a very active community of users who are happy to share their experiences. Hop over to the forum, and hear their impressions. Fleshlight users can also be found discussing their favorites all over social media. Whatever questions you might have, you can find a real-world user who's ready to attest to how they felt the first time they tried the world's #1 masturbatory aid.

Every Fleshlight is built to be both sturdy and astonishingly authentic. If you're looking to make masturbation a more diverse and involved experience, the number of potential combinations at your disposal will leave your mind racing. Even if you're looking for that one perfect sex toy for you, exploring the myriad options will be half the fun

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