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Tips for Dicks with Riley Reid


In today’s article, we present to you another segment of “Tips for Dicks” with iconic Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid. Riley shares her best tips on how to both impress and please women whether you're single, dating, or in a relationship. 

Here below, we’ve detailed out our interview Riley but since we don’t want you to miss out on seeing the adorable pornstar, we’ve included her video below for your viewing pleasure. 

Tip #1: Foreplay

To start out the interview, Riley focuses on the importance of foreplay. According to her, “just as much as you might like a chase, so do girls. I love dry humping. It's one of my favorites. I love kissing, too.” 

To do this she recommends to not just kiss her lips, but be playful with it: “Kiss her neck, and kiss her arms. Be sensual with her before you get all hands-on and move to the dirty foreplay.” 

 Remember gents: it’s ALWAYS best to warm up the engine before going full-throttle.

Tip #2: Public Play

Next, Riley dives into an area that, in her opinion, “isn’t done often enough” and that’s to play in public. 

“There's something so exciting and naughty when you spice up your sex life and do something where you maybe shouldn't be doing it,” according to Reid.


“Maybe in the car parking lot you try to get a little naughty or in the movie theater. Spice it up a little.”

We agree. 

The next time you’re out with that special someone, see if you can convince her to be a little naughty in public places. It can't hurt to try and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Tip #3: Ask The Right Questions

In the case that maybe you haven't actually got the girl you’re wanting just yet and you’re playing the dating game, Riley has a strong recommendation for you, too.

“I think that the best way to approach a female is don't be all cheesy and lame ask her random questions.”

Instead, Riley encourages the single guys amongst us to ask her more introspective questions like “what motivates her, what inspires her, what are her goals.” 

Of course, when asking these questions you should also have these types of goals and motivations. Women love people who are driven and have things that they want to get done in their lives.

“So if you don't have any goals, fucking make some and then ask a pretty girl what she has going on in her life.” 

Tip #4: Worship Your Girl

When it comes to having a happy woman in your life that desires you on an intimate level, Riley says that they “love to be worshiped.” 

So, make sure to compliment your girl. “Rub her feet because girls love a good foot rub. Give her massages and praise her.”

Whether it’s your long-term partner, or your latest conquest, this tip alone will get you some extra bonus points in the bedroom.

Tip #5: Honest Communication

Finally, Riley Reid wraps up “Tips for Dicks” with clear communication being a key factor in sexual relations. 

“You should always just be totally honest and express what you are looking for and vise versa. Encourage your girl to tell you what she likes, what she wants. Try to learn her body language and her sounds and her moans where you can tell that she is really enjoying it.” 

We hope this segment of Tips for Dicks has helped you level up your game in order to get more girls or simply connect with your current partner on a more intimate level than ever before.

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