Tips for Dicks with Nikki Benz

Tips for Dicks with Nikki Benz

Welcome back to Tips for Dicks, our segment where we do our part to answer the timeless question, "What do women want?" To accomplish this, we interview today's hottest girls in porn and have them share bite-sized advice on all things dating and sex as it relates to men.

Today we meet up with one of our most desired stars, Nikki Benz, for a one-on-one interview. 


However, before diving in, you might be wondering…

Who is Nikki Benz?          

If you aren't yet familiar with her, Nikki Benz is a fan favorite Fleshlight Girl and legendary porn star who has been putting on a show for adult audiences for over 15 years. You may recognize her from her many appearances on porn websites such as 

Besides her notoriety in the world of adult film, you may also recognize her for her efforts in the political sphere. In 2013, Nikki Benz made headlines when she attempted to run for Mayor of Toronto (her home city).

If you know one thing about this Ukrainian-born bombshell, know this: she's a down-to-earth girl with an insatiable desire for intense, wild sex using any and every hole.

Nikki Benz's Porn Career

Nikki first began taking advantage of her stunning looks and sensual physique as a swimsuit model in the early days of her career. She combined swimsuit modeling with stripping before finally contacting an adult film production company about starring in a porn movie. 

She knew her destiny and went all in.


Today, Nikki is recognized as one of the reigning queens of the porn industry and one of our most active Fleshlight Girls, regularly engaging with us in a wide array of fun, entertaining interviews. 

Without further ado, let’s now see what advice she has to share in this segment of Tips for Dicks.

Tips for Dicks with Nikki Benz

Tip #1: It's All in Your Head

It is literally all in your head, OK? It's all in your head. 

Guys, ask me all the time what you guys do to last longer. I don't have a dick, so I can't really tell you what they do. But, when I ask them, they always tell me, "It's mental. It's all in your head." 

So train your brain to last longer, whatever you need to do. 

When you're fucking you're and about to blow your load, think about baseball or somebody's grandma or whatever you need to do to last longer. 

Do it. It's all in your head!

Tip #2: Be Nice

Don't be an asshole, OK? Period. 

That is a tip for dicks. Don't be an asshole. 

Tip #3: Go ALL In

When she says, "Just the tip," that never works, this usually means she wants the whole thing. (But always check for consent!)

Tip #4: Slap Your Cock

This is a good one.

I think I learned this from Johnny Sins. 


When you're fucking, and you're about to come, one of the things you can do is pull out and slap your dick and then put it back in. It'll kind of help throw you off a little and will help you last longer. 

Again, it's all in your head. It's all mental. 

And with that, we conclude today's segment. This has been Tips for Dicks with Nikki Benz.  

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