Tips for Dicks with Kira Noir

Welcome back to Tips for Dicks, where we interview today's hottest pornstars ifor their very best advice on all things related to men. 

Today we meet up with one of today's most beloved stars, Kira Noir, for a one-on-one interview. 

If you aren't familiar with the charismatic star, you might be wondering…

Who is Kira Noir?

Kira Noir is a gorgeous pornstar born in San Marino, California, in 1994.

Early in life, Kira naturally gravitated towards porn, masturbating regularly to her favorite scenes as she fantasized about all of the things she wanted to try one day.

Kira Noir Tips for Dicks

After graduating high school, Kira let her inner sexual desires guide her swiftly toward her destiny. In doing so, she headed to St. Louis, Missouri, where she began her career as an erotic performer, stripping at The Hustler Club. 

At this point in her early career, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the adult industry. Kira has worked for some of the industry's top studios and has secured numerous prestigious awards and nominations, making her a highly recognizable personality in the adult industry today. 

Tips for Dicks with Kira Noir

Tip #1: Hygiene

Hygiene is very important. 

Some people like a little bit of natural musk and natural flavor. And those people will typically tell you when they're into that. 

So until they say, "give me a little bit more of that natural muskiness," keep things as fresh as possible down there. 

Even if you already think you're pretty clean, it will not hurt. Just give a little bit of an extra wash before you go and have somebody play with your bits for the first time. 

Tip #2: Ease Into Anal

If you're uncircumcised, anal is going to be easier for you. Find somebody that's into it and give it a go. If you are circumcised, then go a little bit slower with it – there's a little bit more friction. 

Kira Noir Fleshlight Girl

It doesn't mean it's impossible. It can still be great but try to be mindful of the fact that that is going to be a difficult thing for a lot of people, and you should definitely ease into it. 

Tip #3: Tease Her Pussy

It feels good to a pussy, specifically the clit, when right before you go ahead and enter us, you slide it up and down.

I feel like a lot of guys forget the art of teasing a woman. Women have a lot of fun teasing you guys. It's hilarious, honestly, to mess with your heads and get you begging for us, but you can flip the script and do it right back to us. 

Tip #4: Pube Art

Try pube art. 

I know it's a bit weird, but I'm sure that you've seen a girl with a cute heart for her pubes or a little triangle. 

Some people ramp it up – I've seen a lightning bolt once. You don't have to go too crazy, but maybe put a crown over your dick. It's going to be cool at the very least. 

Kira Noir

It's going to be something she's never seen before!

And with that we conclude this week’s segment of Tips for Dicks. We hope you've enjoyed it, but don’t stop here! 

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