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Tips for Dicks with Janice Griffith


Welcome back to another segment of “Tips for Dicks” with popular Fleshlight Girl, Janice Griffith. 
Here, Janice shares her top tips on how to both impress and please women whether you're single, dating, or in a relationship. 

We’ve included both the video and interview breakdown below for your viewing and reading pleasure. 

We hope you learn something!

Tip #1: Wash Your Dick 

Janice begins her Tips for Dicks segment by focusing on just that–dicks.

“You might think this obvious, but you'd be surprised. A lot of people don't wash their dick enough.”

Washing your dick is more about your partner than it is for you, personally.

“They'll definitely want to put it in their mouth.”

So, if receiving regular blowjobs is important to you put this very important tip into practice: 

Wash Your Dick!

Tip #2: Communicate With Your Partner

Next, our Fleshlight Girl, Janice Griffith advises that you “clearly communicate with your partner.”

So, what does she really mean by this?

According to Janice, for a relationship to thrive, it’s vital to “check-in for active consent.” 

“Talk about boundaries before you start having sex. Talk about things that you might want to explore. Fantasies that you might have. It will only make your sexual interaction and experience and connection with that person stronger and more intense.” 

We agree. 

At the end of the day, this is the best way to ensure comfortable, safe, and fun sex.

Tip #3: Stay Hydrated

Another seemingly obvious but HUGELY overlooked tip is to stay hydrated.

Janice says that staying hydrated due to the following bedroom-related issues: 

“It makes your sweat smell better.” 
“It will help your partner with lubrication.” 
“It will help you with better tasting cum.”

We bet you weren’t aware, but pornstars frequently pause during sex to stay fully hydrated at all times. 

“You don't see it because we cut it out, but it's happening”, says Janice. 

So remember: have water by the bed. Keep those liquids flowing.

Tip #4: Upgrade Your Bedding Game

If you’re a bachelor, this one’s for you. 

Ensure you have decent bedding and towels in your home.

“So, a lot of single men don't have towel sets or proper bedding on their bed.”

“Get yourself more than 2 pillows, have matching pillowcases with matching bed sheets, fitted sheet, top sheet comforter, or duvet or quilt, whatever.” 

Janice says that most ladies will notice and appreciate these small details “and she'll be like, damn. I wonder if he dated a girl for a long time because he has a nice bed.”

“I promise you, this stuff matters.”

Tip #5: Work Out Your Core

Janice’s final Tip for Dicks is to “work out your core more!” 

“I noticed that men who have stronger cores and abdominals are better at missionary sex. They get less winded and it makes sex, and your actual stamina and endurance, last longer.” 

On top of the utility of your core in the bedroom, it’s also a vanity muscle. 

“So, you get hotter, you fuck better.” 

There's no downside to strengthening your core. 

Just do it!

We hope you’ve gained some valuable insight here in this segment of Tips for Dicks with Janice Griffith. Don’t miss out on her beautiful, medium-toned Fleshlight sensation “Eden”. 

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