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Timeless Toys: The Fleshlight Vibro

Did you feel that rumble? 

An earthquake is coming, but relax – you’re going to love these tremors...
In this segment of Timeless Toys, we head back in time to say hello to the Fleshlight Vibro, one of our most innovative sex toys for men, released back in 2009. 

Whether alone or in partner play, if you’re looking to shake up things in the bedroom, Vibro is the perfect pleasure device to add to your collection.

The Vibro includes the signature “Touch” texture, made specifically for the Vibro. This uniquely designed sleeve is made with several small "fingers" that help spread the vibrating sensations down your entire cock – from base to tip. 

Just like a real earthquake, the Vibro is going to leave you feeling exhausted – but rest assured you’re going to love the experience.


Made with both a Lady and a Butt orifice, the Vibro Fleshlight is much more than its signature buzzing sensation. The inner canal of this sex toy is lined with a special texture designed specifically for it called “Touch”. 

Keep reading for a full breakdown of this incredibly satisfying Timeless Toy!

The Fleshlight Vibro Explained

As you have likely gathered at this point, the Fleshlight Vibro is a tad different than our other products. Remove its sleeve from its case and you can see that next to its orifice (pussy or ass), three small pockets (only accessible and visible from the back) are located. Before using this product, you will insert the Vibro Bullets in each one.

The Vibro Bullets

Each bullet contains a mini vibration motor powered by coin cell batteries available for purchase here. Every Vibro Touch Fleshlight comes with three bullets ready to rumble upon arrival. 


In order to activate them, the small buttons on the top of each battery must be pushed. After starting each one, simply slip them into the pockets of the Touch sleeve, pop the sleeve into your Vibro case and you’re ready to rock and roll. 


The Vibro’s “Touch” Texture

The Touch texture itself reminds us quite a bit of its close cousin, the Stamina Training Unit. While it appears simple, its one chamber is lined throughout with 360 degrees of stimulating long-stemmed bumps.

Slip right into the orifice of your choice and feel an incredibly dense, bumpy environment. Each bump has a length of around 0.2 inches and pointed slightly away from the orifice entrance. These bumps work incredibly well to transmit vibrations to the entirety of your cock as you thrust in and out.

Besides the vibration sensation, these long-stemmed bumps are angled perfectly to grip and pull at your penis delightfully as you move outward.

Furthermore, this sleeve has a nice snugness to it. Penetration is tight due to the Vibro bullets on the exterior of the orifice pushing the pussy or anus together slightly more than usual. 

Besides this, the bumps are numerous, making for a constricted, vibrating corridor that your shaft will never want to leave. 

Orgasmic Vibrations

What makes Vibro unique amongst all other standalone Fleshlight toys is that you do not have to constantly stroke your penis to edge towards orgasm.

During masturbation, you have the luxury of taking intermittent breaks, pausing thrusting, and just let the vibrating bullets give your cock the massage it deserves. The Vibro’s motors will continue to massage your penis, even while you slide in deep and enjoy the experience. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

The Vibro is truly a one-of-a-kind sex toy for men. If you’re looking for a Fleshlight with a tight little entrance and a soft, yet stimulating texture throughout you should give this product a close look. Add to this sleeve the option of inserting three powerful vibrating bullets and this makes for an intensely satisfying experience unlike any other.

What’s Included? 

Here's what you'll receive in your Vibro package:
  • Gunmetal Vibro case
  • Touch texture sleeve
  • Lady orifice
  • Three vibrating bullets (batteries included)
  • Instructions for use and care
Click here to get your very own Fleshlight Vibro today!
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