Timeless Toys: The Fleshlight GO Surge

Timeless Toys: The Fleshlight GO Surge

Welcome to another segment of Timeless Toys here at Flesh Life. Today, we discuss the Fleshlight GO Surge - the first-ever compressed and portable version of our original best-selling male self-pleasure toy. 

Its light, discreet, and compact design is perfect for easily stashing away at home or while traveling.

In addition to these features, it also boasts an extremely pleasurable texture. With its reduced size, you will likely find that the GO Surge has a petite, tight entrance, fantastic suction, and is generally snug throughout.

If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading to learn all about the Fleshlight GO Surge, one of our best compact sex toys for men!


The Fleshlight GO Surge Texture

The GO Surge texture is designed with an exciting two-chamber system that is known for its stimulation, snug diameter, and mind-blowing suction. 
Let’s take a closer look at the details of this amazing underrated Fleshlight.


Fleshlight GO Surge’s Chamber #1

Besides its compact size, the first thing you’ll notice about the Go Surge is its classic pink “Lady” pussy orifice that all Fleshlight fans know and love. 

The first chamber begins immediately upon sliding through its petite lips. The canal diameter here at the beginning measures no more than one inch. As you push in deeper, the diameter will decrease to nearly half an inch.

The many small “pill-shaped” ribs grids that line this entire chamber (as well as the entire texture) are designed to massage your penis evenly with every back and forth stroke. As you can visibly notice, these alternate directions.

The resulting grid provides for intensive but not overwhelming stimulation. Instead, the texture is built to give you a downright comfortable tightness and a stellar suction effect.

After just about three inches, the pleasurable first chamber ends and your cock comes into contact with its centerpiece.

The GO Surge’s Transition Passageway

Connecting this Fleshlight’s two chambers is a short, yet pleasurable passageway. Lying directly in the middle of the GO Surge, this interesting structure consists of three parts: long fanged bumps, a ribbed narrow constriction, and a repeated series of fanged bumps.

Once you bang your way through this constricted inch-long passageway you blast into the second chamber.

Fleshlight GO Surge’s Chamber #2

Think of the GO Surge’s second chamber as being a mirror reflection of its first. The surface is identical to the first one but the other way around. 

Therefore it starts off with the narrowest part and then gradually widens. This gives the Go Surge texture its signature shape - a “wide” beginning that is narrow and snug everywhere in between.

The GO Surge Size

As we’ve already mentioned, the idea of all GO line Fleshlights is to have a more compact and easier to transport option. When it comes to portability and ease of use, the GO Surge is the best in its class.

The length of the GO Surge’s case is just seven inches with an insertable length of six and a half inches. 


Another advantage of the compact body, besides its “stashability,” is the reduced weight of the GO compared to the typical size of a Fleshlight. This is especially noticeable during those longer stroke sessions… say goodbye to tired forearms forever!

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Simply put, the GO Surge provides great orgasms for ALL men. 

In fact, penetrate just 3.5 inches into this Fleslight’s centerpiece, and you’re essentially experiencing the Surge texture in its entirety since the second chamber mirrors the first.

Also, do you crave both tightness and suction? The GO Surge is one of our most constricted canals, and the texture works to create an outstanding suction effect.
In addition, the GO Surge has a phenomenal price point! 

Since it comes at a lower cost than our standard Fleshlights, this makes it a must-own sex toy to add to your collection.

Don’t just take our word for it, shop here to get your own GO Surge Fleshlight today!

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