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Timeless Toys Presents: Teagan Presley's Fleshlight "Trigger"

In this week's segment of Timeless Toys, we travel back in time to review one the great petite and busty pornstars in history, Fleshlight Girl Teagan Presley, and her classic lady Fleshlight sensation "Trigger."

Known for its lifelike replica of Teagan's beautifully narrow labia and progressively snug, bumpy interior, Trigger is one of those unique one-chambered sleeves designed to please any man who ventures inside.

Teagan Presley Trigger Fleshlight

Now, without further ado, let's learn all about Teagan Presley and her signature pussy sex toy, Trigger.

Fleshlight Girl Teagan Presley: A Quick Recap

Teagan Presley has the dimensions of a sex goddess and the incredible beauty to match her curvy body. Her C-cup breasts provide a stunning contrast with her tiny 24-inch waist and rounded 34-inch hips. 

Teagan Presley is not shy for the camera and graciously spreads her legs to tease you with her sweet pinkness. This may inspire you to dream about Teagan Presley in your wildest fantasies, but you can also experience what it is like to have sex with Teagan, thanks to her timeless Fleshlight.

Teagan Presley

During her first few months working in the adult industry, Teagan hit the ground running, appearing in an astonishing 70 different films. This Leo began receiving her industry recognition in 2007 when she received AVN's "Best All-Girl Sex Scene" award. 

In 2009, Ms. Presley also had a big year in the awards circuit, winning XCRO's "Best Cumback" and the AVN's "Best Solo Sex Scene" awards. Then, again in 2010, she won the AVN Awards for "Best Solo Sex Scene" and "Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene."

Finally, in 2016, Teagan was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame three years after officially retiring from the business. While she is no longer making adult films, you can still fantasize about what personal time with Teagan Presley may be like with Trigger, her signature replica sex toy.

Teagan Presley's Lady Fleshlight "TRIGGER"

The exclusive pussy texture of Teagan Presley was released in March 2015 with great excitement from her legion of fans.

This male sex toy's inner canal combines a wide variety of high-density bumps with unbelievably tight areas, never before seen prior to its release. 

The Trigger Fleshlight Texture: One Long, Bumpy Ride 

Trigger begins with a replica of Ms. Presley's award-winning slit.

Teagan Presley Trigger Fleshlight

Perfect for edging, we welcome you to use these outward-facing lips for foreplay as you prepare yourself mentally to push deep inside Teagan's welcoming cavern.

The Trigger texture is designed with a single long, drawn-out chamber peppered with a multitude of bumps, ranging from long and pronounced to tiny and minuscule.

The Bumps: A Closer Look

Trigger's bumps, which make up the foundation of its interior design, come in various sizes and are strategically placed throughout to accommodate your erect member. The largest of them are quite large, stretching approximately half an inch in both width and length. 

Teagan Presley Fleshlight Trigger Texture

What makes them unique is not so much the bumps themselves but rather their strategic positioning – a subtle incline facing towards the end of the canal. 

As you penetrate Teagan's twat, your member pushes inward, the same direction as her interior's long-stemmed bumps face. This design provides for a smooth stimulation initially, but when you inevitably pull outward, the bumps are felt much more intensely since they are positioned to grab onto your manhood, tugging at you, urging you to thrust back inside once more.

Deeper Penetration = Tighter Grip

One fun aspect of Teagan's pussy Fleshlight is that you are rewarded the deeper you penetrate – the canal narrows the further you move inside it. What begins at about one inch in diameter progresses to nearly 0.1 inches as you reach its end. 

On top of that, the big bumps reduce the diameter even more in the spots where their heads meet. This is especially true in Trigger's last few inches, where there is not much space left to easily push through.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

All in all, Trigger offers truly remarkable stimulation with its many bumps and increasingly tight interior. But even more noteworthy is the firm grip that starts very early throughout its tight canal. 

Of course, as mentioned, the special shape of Trigger's collection of bumps provides another bonus for owners of this Fleshlight. These provide for a welcoming, easy entry but develop a special pulling force when you pull out of this vagina. This produces a pleasant pressure on the underpart of the penis head and results in a strong rubbing sensation while gliding over the top of them. 

Teagan Presley Fleshlight Girl

Add to this its strong suction effect, and Trigger is an exciting toy for long-time fans and newcomers alike. However, remember, the inclined bumps make a great hiding spot for unwanted residues, so make sure to clean this one thoroughly after each use!

Don't just sit there. Experience what it is like to have sex with Teagan Presley. Bring her pussy home today – shop Trigger here!

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