Timeless Toy's Presents: Joanna Angel's Punk Fleshlight

Timeless Toy's Presents: Joanna Angel's Punk Fleshlight

Welcome to a brand new segment of “Timeless Toys,” where we deliver you a blast from the past, showcasing one of our very best Fleshlights released years ago.

In this article, we explore the Queen of Alt-Porn Joanna Angel’s anal Fleshlight sensation, “Punk.”

Known as one of the very best Fleshlight Girl butt Fleshlights on the market, this texture is specifically designed to hug, pull, and massage your cock like no other.

As you’ll see, you’ve never penetrated a more inviting backdoor than “Punk,” a must-own Fleshlight for fans of anal sex.


Before exploring this fan-favorite texture, let’s take a brief look at Fleshlight Girl Joanna Angel.

Fleshlight Girl Joanna Angel: A Quick Recap

Joanna Angel is anything but your typical “porn girl.” Known for her charisma, colorful tattoos, and as one of the founders of “alt-porn,” she is both a porn star and porn director. 

Earlier in her career, Joanna saw that the popularity of the famous porn site Suicide Girls grow exponentially year after year. It was at this time when she decided that she could do something on her own – similar but far better. 

It was then that Ms. Angel set off to launch her own website, Burning Angel, that put both her amazing tattoos and fantastic body on display. Through this platform, she began creating kinky content of erotic fantasies for both men and women to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.


Since her debut in the early 2000s, Angel has starred in more than 130 adult productions. She also developed a reputation for her sense of humor after starring in a series of parody films such as “The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody” and “All About That Orgy.” 

As if this wasn’t enough, Joanna is also one of our most active Fleshlight Girls here in 2020. Joanna has hosted our weekly IG Live feature, FleshLive, where she hosts chats with a different Fleshlight Girl or Fleshjack Boy. She has played an integral part in helping Fleshlight’s social media survive and thrive this year!

Let’s now take a look back in time at Joanna Angel’s butt Fleshlight “Punk,” released in December of 2013

Joanna Angel’s Butt Fleshlight: “Punk”

Simply put, if you’re looking for a wild and satisfying anal experience, Punk is the perfect texture. 

This Fleshlight offers an incredible stimulation and delivers powerful orgasms with each and every use. This is made possible by the series of ribs that stretch throughout the entire interior. 


Ms. Angel’s insert is unique in that it contains a multi-chamber system formed by seven  chambers with varying degrees of tightness. Each individual chamber (and the connection canals in between) use a highly dense ribbed texture combined with differently sized cross-ribs, making for varying degrees of tightness and an just an all-around, interesting sensation unlike any other. 

Joanna’s Backdoor Experience

Squeeze your cock into Joanna’s tight little ass and you’ll find yourself in the Punk’s first chamber which is home to three cross-ribs. Between each of this are small grooves that work together to create a slight wavy surface. 

Over the course of this chamber, the overall diameter of the canal increases steadily, starting with at barely half an inch and expanding to just over one inch.

Push a little deeper and your penis head is squeezed by a tight passage that leads into Punk’s second chamber. 

Once in the second region, you’ll find it similar to the previous one in that it too has three stimulating – yet slightly different – cross-ribs with a smaller diameter that slowly increases as you plunge even deeper.

Don’t stop here! 

As you push over the subsequent small ribs, you’ll graze over a broad ring that guides your cock into the third chamber. And this is where the tight anal experience really begins. 

Joanna Angel’s Butt Fleshlight “Punk” Midsection 

Being significantly narrower than the previous two chambers, this region slowly widens, loosening up to around one inch and then decreases again to less than half an inch. 

Here again, three more cross-ribs are used as they were in previous chambers, but with an entirely new variation in size and placement.

Keep thrusting forward and you reach the tightest part of Joanna’s Punk. Here, at its quarter of an inch in diameter centerpiece, you truly feel like you're inside a pornstar’s perfect ass. 

Push through this gripping connecting passage and the fourth chamber begins

The pattern of Joanna’s butt Fleshlight continues like this for a total of seven chambers – two thin ribs with one broad cross-rib in between followed by a tight transition leading into the following chamber.

Amazingly, the deeper you’re able to penetrate Punk, the tighter the texture becomes, making the experience increasingly stronger.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If we could describe Joanna Angel’s butt Fleshlight in one word it’d be “INTENSE.” 

With two extremely tight constrictions and a crazy amount of ribs throughout, this texture is easily one of our most stimulating sensations. 

It’s safe to say, if you truly want to know what it’s like to bend over Joanna Angel and penetrate her backdoor, you will undoubtedly love this anal Fleshlight. 

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