Timeless Toys Presents: Dillion Harper's "Crush" Fleshlight

Timeless Toys Presents: Dillion Harper's "Crush" Fleshlight

In this month’s segment of "Timeless Toys," we travel back in time to review Dillion Harper and her lady Fleshlight, "Crush."

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Crush

This unique texture features a mishmash of some of our most pleasurable sensations of all time! Upon entering her tight and petite labia, you'll find three unique and exciting chambers to test your sexual stamina.

The first section (the longest and widest) stretches from the beginning to its super snug corridor at its midpoint – you're going to love this part!

As your cock pushes forward, you'll find yourself within the final two chambers. While they appear to be pretty similar, rest assured that they will provide your tip with an entirely different sexual sensation.

Prepare your penis for a wild journey of pleasure. 

It's time to dive in!

Fleshlight Girl Dillion Harper: A Quick Recap

Born and raised in Florida, Dillion Harper is known as porn's premier southern sweetheart. Having taken the industry by storm in 2012, she redefined what it meant to be the "girl next door." 

At 5 feet 5 inches and 115 pounds, she's slender without looking too skinny. Unmistakably cute and equipped with a stellar smile, Dillion is the kind of girl you hope to meet while out and about running errands or at the park. 

Dillion Harper

It didn't take long for her to experience a quick rise to stardom, gracing the covers of Penthouse and Hustler and earning nominations for many XBIZ and AVN awards. Today, you can check out this spunky actress at Brazzers, Bang Bros, Digital Playground, and nearly all other premier adult film productions!

Now you can take your "crush" to the next level and experience Dillion Harper's wet, wild, and exhilarating Fleshlight, which will leave no doubt in your mind why she still has one of the best pussies in porn to this day.

Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight: Crush

Launched on November 24th, 2016 (Black Friday), her legions of fans jumped with joy when her replica sex toy went live, purchasing hundreds of units in the process.

An attractive sleeve from start to finish, as the owner of this Fleshlight, you get Dillion's true-to-life molded pussy paired with an intricate and irresistible internal sensation.

Crush's Texture

Dillion Harper's Crush consists of three chambers: The first one being the longest and widest, stretching from the start to its tight, squeezing midpoint.

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Crush Texture

Push your prick beyond this exciting centerpiece, and you'll feel her toy continuing to tighten as you find yourself in Crush's second and third chambers. This region is lined with ribbed structures designed to provide superior pleasure to any man who can reach them.

Let's now take a closer look at what awaits you inside Dillion's snug little slit.

Chamber #1: Bumps Galore

After pushing through Dillion's slender pussy your member immediately enters the first chamber of Crush.

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Crush Lips

At just under 5 inches in length, this section dominates the Crush experience and just so happens to give off the most stimulating sensation of the entire texture.

This intermixture of dense bumps, longitudinal ribs, and sporadic nubs make for a memorable experience not felt in any other Fleshlight. 

As you penetrate this elongated chamber, you'll encounter an abrupt (and narrow) transition leading into the main chamber's second section. 

Dillion's Tight Transition

Crush goes mega narrow for the first time in this tiny corridor, measuring barely just half an inch in diameter.

At its core, this section is lined with a series of tiny "ramps" that give off an intense rubbing sensation and are positioned perfectly to provide just enough resistance for exceptional stimulation on your penis head.

The centerpiece of Crush makes for a highly pleasuring penetration sensation. 

Chamber #2: BIG Cross Ribs

After blasting through Crush's gripping midpoint passage, your cock will slide into the next chamber. Here, three prominent rings produce a pleasant penetration sensation as you push through each one. 

Due to the air pockets between each ring, Crush has a strong vacuum effect that works in tandem with the texture's structure to give you the orgasm of a lifetime.

Chamber #3: Spiral Ribs 

The last chamber narrows even further, making almost a funnel shape built perfectly for your erect member. 

Here, small spirals swirl throughout this region, delightfully massaging your cock with each and every thrust.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Dillion Harper's Crush delivers you both a pleasant stimulation and great penetration sensation all at once. This versatile texture gives every man something they can love since it's both wide and narrow, depending on where you find yourself inside. 

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Girl

Ultimately, if you want a toy that gives you variety and a few pleasant surprises along the way, this masturbator is a must whether you're a first-timer or Fleshlight connoisseur.

Click here to get yours today!

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