Timeless Toys: Nicole Aniston's Fleshlight "FIT"

Timeless Toys: Nicole Aniston's Fleshlight "FIT"

In this edition of "Timeless Toys," we'll take a journey back to 2016 with the help of the Fleshlight time machine to revisit petite blonde Nicole Aniston and her famous replica vagina sex toy, "Fit." 

But before we dive into Nicole's popular sleeve, let's take a moment to briefly review the impressive life career of the tiny Californian pornstar and renowned Fleshlight Girl.

Nicole Aniston: A Quick Recap

Born on September 9, 1987, Nicole Aniston is a pornstar veteran known for her incredibly athletic, petite 5’3” body and wild on-set performances. If you’ve dreamed about a girl who checks off every box (tiny, tight, toned, and tan), look no further because she’s quite simply the girl of your dreams.

nicole aniston model

Based in San Diego, California, Nicole is the quintessential Californian babe who lives for the region's notoriously laidback, sunny beachside lifestyle. 

After finishing college early, Nicole began her career as a banker, but it didn't take her long to realize she'd prefer to be counting stacks of her cash rather than someone else's.

She started with a modeling profile that quickly gained popularity, and the requests for her to "take things to another level" began pouring in. 

nicole aniston fleshlight girl

In 2010, she was in her first XXX movie, "Glamour Solos." Unsurprisingly, recognition began pouring in almost instantly, starting with an XBIZ Awards for New Starlet of the Year nomination in 2012; and "Penthouse Pet of the Month" the same year. 

A year later, in 2013, she was selected as "Trophy Girl" at the AVN Awards, where she was also nominated for an AVN Award in the Most Outrageous Sex Scene. 

Now, without further ado, let’s glide inside Nicole Aniston’s replica lady Fleshlight, “Fit.”

Nicole Aniston’s Lady Fleshlight Texture “Fit”

"Fit" is comprised of four distinct chambers with a contrasting variety of bump and rib structures that deliver diverse stimulation through a wild mishmash of grooves, rings, and constrictions. Its innovative design ensures that every encounter is exciting and satisfying, fulfilling Nicole's pledge to provide a high-quality experience that never becomes tedious.

nicole aniston fit fleshlight

Chamber #1: A Diagonal Greeting

Penetrate Nicole’s slender pussy lips, and you’ll immediately immerse yourself in her first chamber… 

While relatively short (two inches), this initial corridor begins with an interesting and sexually stimulating structure – a long diagonally-faced rib containing six rectangular bumps. 

The ribs are slightly curved to the right, creating a spiral-like appearance of the channel. This initial chamber of "Fit" offers a unique and stimulating experience.

Chamber #2: Snug Mishmash of Variety 

Slide your erect cock a bit deeper into Nicole Aniston’s gorgeous pussy, and the second chamber awaits you with dual outward-facing prongs and a circular, bumpy landscape, followed by two small rings.

With its overall diameter decreasing considerably, these stimulating structures can be felt quite easily as you penetrate in and out of this replica sleeve.

Chamber #3: Fit’s Jagged Centerpiece

The third chamber boasts a landscape of three bumpy rings made of protruding triangular nubs. 

This alluring centerpiece of “Fit” was designed to deliver consistent pressure to your penis head, given its snug, outward-facing features that greet your manhood directly “head-on.”

Chamber 4: Tightness Meets Intensity

Finally, as your penis head pops into the fourth and final chamber, a series of back-to-back raised bumps await. Each of these inclined bumps points toward the entrance while also strategically situated to allow your hard penis to glide over and across them effortlessly.

While this final section begins quite tight, if you’re able to make it to its very end, you will notice a slight decrease in pressure around your cock’s most sensitive region.

Who Will Love this Fleshlight?

The "Fit" sleeve by Fleshlight promises to take your sexual experience to the next level with its innovative design and attention to detail. This sleeve is perfect for those who crave an intense and wide texture. Users can expect to be pushed to their limits and experience eye-rolling pleasure with each use.

nicole aniston fleshlight review

If you're looking to add a compelling and exciting addition to your Fleshlight collection, "Fit" is the way to go. Don't take our word for it, though; hundreds of happy customers have reported that they would repurchase this sleeve in a heartbeat if given the chance.

Click here to read the reviews for yourself and buy your very own Nicole Aniston Fleshlight today!

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