Timeless Toys: Madison Ivy's Fleshlight "Beyond"

Timeless Toys: Madison Ivy's Fleshlight "Beyond"

In this week’s segment of “Timeless Toys,” we once again take a ride in the Fleshlight Time Machine and travel back a few years to explore Fleshlight Girl Madison Ivy and her top-reviewed pussy Fleshlight the “Beyond” sensation.

Over the years, Ms. Ivy’s replica pussy has developed a reputation for exceeding the expectations of even our most sexually rabid Fleshlight fans. 

Not only is her orifice expertly crafted, but its interior is perfectly structured to emulate the precise feeling of Madison’s tight pussy. Its hyper-stimulating interior texture offers the very experience you would expect when smashing this busty 4’11” spinner. 

Before diving into her toy’s overview, let’s talk briefly about the Fleshlight Girl’s life and career up until now. 

Fleshlight Girl Madison Ivy: A Quick Recap

Born in Munich, Germany in 1989, Madison Ivy was raised in Texas and homeschooled as a child. Now residing in Sacramento, California, she’s known today for being a hugely popular adult star with an incredible body and an enormous sexual appetite.

Recognized as one of the industry’s more petite pornstars, she stands at a mere 4 feet, 11 inches, and weighs in at just 88 pounds. Paired with her adorable compact body is a pair of incredibly enhanced 34DD breasts.

Madison promptly joined the porn industry at 18, after another adult performer, Aurora Snow, took Madison under her wing in 2007, hooking her up with the necessary contacts to get her a foot in the door of the adult industry. 

If you’ve seen much of her work, you’ve likely noticed she’s not only physically fit, but incredibly flexible, as well. According to Ivy, her trademark position in her movies is having sex while her legs are behind her head.

Since 2010, Madison has been nominated for a long list of awards including “Best Oral Sex Scene,” “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene,” and “Best Tease Performance.”

Madison Ivy became a Fleshlight Girl in September 2017 with the launches of her pussy and butt Fleshights “Beyond” and “Wonderland”. 

Madison Ivy’s Fleshlight “Beyond” Fleshlight

Madison’s coveted pussy Fleshlight, with its extensive chambers, tight passages, and incredible intensity, is truly one of a kind. Every chamber consists of repeating elements of the same kind, each with a different focus in terms of stimulation. 


As you can see, her small pussy lips are a true replica of the famous pornstar, as tiny as Madison herself. Slip your rock hard prick inside and what awaits is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. 

Let’s explore this texture more in-depth.

The “Beyond” Fleshlight Texture

The Madison Ivy Fleshlight lady texture starts out with a tight entry that expands into multiple chambers. 

Lined with intensive bumps, crazy rib structures, and varying degrees of tightness, Madison Ivy’s lady texture covers all different ways a Fleshlight has to provide stimulation.

Chamber #1

Slide through Madison’s little vulva and you’re immediately inside her first chamber. Although very short, it’s lined with very pleasurable cross ribs. After not even an inch in length, your cock next enters a bumpy, structured transition whose purpose is to grip and graze you firmly as you move into “Beyond’s” second chamber.

At only half an inch in diameter, you really feel like you’re penetrating this tiny nympho. 

Chamber #2

Push through Madison’s snug initial transition and you’ll hit the second chamber. At just barely two inches in length, this chamber showcases six large cross-rib rings. These structures provide both an amazing penetration and suction sensation as your cock squeezes past each one. 

Chamber #3

A little deeper and you’re in the next chamber characterized by large, rectangular nubs and jagged wall. Of course, these flat, rectangle-shaped structures are designed to face outwards so that your penis is met head-on.

This area provides the most intensive stimulation of the “Beyond” texture. While before it felt more gentle and tight, this chamber is almost exclusively intensive.

Chamber #4 

Lastly, in the final chamber of “Beyond” the texture goes from large bumps to small nubs going from large to small. While the bumps decrease in size, so does the diameter of this entire final section.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If you dream about penetrating pussy that is both exceptionally tight and highly stimulating, Madison Ivy’s “Beyond” Fleshlight is for you. 

Characterized by its petite vulva, overall snugness, and great variety from start to finish this is a must-have Fleshlight for all fans of Madison Ivy or petite women in general.

There are no two ways about it - Madison Ivy’s Fleshlight sensation is BEYOND amazing. 

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