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Timeless Toys: Kissa Sin's Fleshlight "Sinner"

In this week’s segment of “Timeless Toys,” we’ll travel back a few years to explore one of porn’s most beloved hardcore nymphos, Kissa Sins, and her booty Fleshlight texture Sinner.

If you love anal sex or have anal sex fantasies and truly want to experience what it feels like to stuff yourself inside of a tight butthole, you need Kissa’s Sinner experience.


Designed to give you the ultimate anal sex satisfaction, Sinner is among our most realistic and exciting butt textures ever produced. 

In this article you’ll learn a little about Kissa and a TON about her fan-favorite Fleshlight sensation.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Fleshlight Girl Kissa Sins: A Quick Recap

Kissa Sins' shy and chill off-screen demeanor doesn't give you the “porn girl” vibe you would come to expect from one of today’s hottest and most notorious stars. 

Born in California and raised largely in Canada, Kissa did not get her start in the porn business until later than most girls. When she did finally hit the adult entertainment spotlight, it was clear she was destined for stardom.  


Known for her hardcore scenes and love for big hard cock, Kissa knows how to push the limit with her daring and adventurous sexual escapades. Ms. Sins has been nominated and awarded several XXX accolades including the 2018 and 2019’s AVN award for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene.

Whether she is partaking in girl-on-girl, girl-on-guy, or gangbang action, Kissa enjoys every encounter. Her backdoor Fleshlight, Sinner, is an exact replica or her butthole with a deliciously tight texture that all of her fans must experience. 

Continue reading to learn all about it.

Kissa Sins’ Anal Fleshlight Sinner

Simply put, Sinner can be described as a snug, tight, and spine-tingling sensation.

Featuring a beautiful backdoor orifice on it’s exterior, inside Kissa’s Fleshlight is grippingly narrow, filled with small caverns that are filled with large nubs, miniature bumps, and narrow paths from start to finish.

The Sinner Texture: The First Chamber

Once you lube up and squeeze into Kissa’s tight ass, your cock immediately passes over rectangular bumps followed by an incredible twisted cross-ribbed structure. 

If you’re wanting an anal experience, this is it - Kissa’s butt is the real deal! The combination of both a small diameter and tight winding ribs gives Sinner a great first impression to its first-time users. 


Hold on, this pleasant intensity is just getting started. Next, you will push over one more ring of pointy rounded bumps before moving into the next chamber of Kissa fan-favorite Fleshlight.

The Sinner Texture: 3 Mini-Chambers

As you slip deeper into Ms. Sins, your cock moves through three small pleasure chambers lined with large massaging bumps. With a satisfying anal-like tightness, these chambers provide an amazing vibration sensation. 

Here, in this section, you get varying degrees of tightness combined with fantastic protruding bumps that result in a helluva anal experience with one of the hottest pornstars in the game today.

The Sinner Texture: A Tight Transition 

Stuff your cock as deep as you can into Kissa’s rear, and you just might reach the final section of her Fleshlight. The final section of Sinner, just over three inches in length, is a tight canal, lined with a dense grid of bumps and divided by a total of four small grooves.

In this region of her anal toy, you’ll enjoy a true anal experience due to its realistically tight canal, textured walls, and pleasant ribs. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If you’re a “butt guy” or curious to try it out for the first time, look no further. Many of our most ardent fans around the world have repeatedly stated that Kissa Sins’ Sinner is one of the very best anal experiences that we have to offer.

With a great deal of tightness, amazing penetration, and a superb variety throughout, this butt sex toy is an outstanding anal adventure that every man should have on hand for whenever the desire arises.

If you have ever dreamed about an intense anal experience, Sinner is everything you want and more.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to SIN with Kissa. 

Shop her beloved backdoor Fleshlight here today!

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