Timeless Toys: Kayden Kross's Fleshlight: "Supreme" - Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: Kayden Kross's Fleshlight: "Supreme"

In this edition of “Timeless Toys,” we’ll go back in time to recap the undeniably sexy Kayden Kross and her stimulating anal Fleshlight, “Supreme.” 

This blonde bombshell's tight squeezing sex toy contains numerous impressive structures spread out over five different chambers. When engaging in anal with Kayden, expect various sensations ranging from ribs to welcoming bumps of all shapes and sizes.

As with every Timeless Toys article, we’ll first briefly recap the life and career of our star and then dive into the ins and outs of her highly regarded Fleshlight. 

Fleshlight Girl Kayden Kross: A Quick Recap

In case her name doesn’t ring a bell, one look at this divine woman, and you might experience a sudden flashback to your last “hot blonde” PornHub search - Kayden Kross is a veteran in the industry, and her adult content is available far and wide. Whether you can recall it or not, you have likely seen her before.


An intelligent, well-spoken model and adult performer, Kayden Kross is a true dynamo in the industry today. As an adult performer, producer, and director, she enjoys producing her content and loves the challenge of creatively leading the charge whenever the opportunity presents itself. Kayden Kross is a full-fledged superstar and proven ambassador for the adult industry. 

Kayden began performing in 2006, quickly becoming a highly sought-after star as she picked up contracts with Vivid Entertainment, followed by Adam & Eve and Digital Playground. During this time, she was named Penthouse Pet of the Month and one of the 12 most popular girls in porn by CNBC. Kayden has earned multiple awards from AVN, XBIZ, NightMoves, Hot d’Or, and Erotixxx. 


Whether you’re into sultry lesbian action, ferocious dick-pounding, or even deep anal scenes, Ms. Kross is ready and willing to put on a show for you.

Now that you know a bit more about this porn girl rockstar, let’s explore the ins and outs of her “Supreme” anal Fleshlight.

Kayden Kross’s Butt Fleshlight “Supreme”

Kayden Kross’s exclusive anal texture was released in February 2018; despite Kayden having formally joined the Fleshlight Girls family in 2012, only her vagina was available. However, as Kayden progressed in her performances, going from straight boy-on-girl vaginal to lesbian to eventually hardcore anal scenes… her fans began to want more of the blonde bombshell.

And, as per usual, when our customers ask, we try to deliver. 


As you can easily see, Kayden’s butt orifice, “Supreme,” is truly a beautiful, lifelike replica of Kayden’s perfect butthole. However, as with all Fleshlights, it’s on the inside where most of the action happens.

The “Supreme” Texture 

Kayden’s Supreme sensation was designed with one goal in mind: to give you an exciting and tight anal experience. From start to finish, this backdoor blast gives you five chambers built with entirely different structures in each and every one.


Prepare yourself for a SUPREME anal experience with one of the hottest porn girls of all time.

Chamber #1

Slide your lubed cock through the gorgeous Kayden Kross’s backdoor. Stretching from the entrance to the unique funnel structure, you’re within her first chamber. 

What starts as a usually wide entrance (for an anal sleeve) transitions into a series of pleasurable ribs that run along the chamber walls towards a subtle constriction.

Thrust a little deeper to see for yourself.

Chamber #2

Penetrate just past the 1.5-inch mark, and you’re now in the second region of Kayden Kross’s butt Fleshlight. This segment of Supreme is defined by its combination of cross ribs and increased spacing. The sensation here is that of a soft vibration combined with a slight suction effect. 

Allow yourself some time to play around in this section - you’re going to love it.

At this stage of your Kayden Kross backdoor adventure, you’ll realize Supreme is not your typical super tight anal Fleshlight. However, rest assured, if you were hoping for intensity, this gentle experience is about to take it up a notch in this sex toy’s following sections. 

Chamber #3

At the 3-inch mark is where “Supreme’s” fun really begins. Here, the third chamber begins and, with it, increased intensity and snugness designed to grip your penis head and engulf your cock with every stroke. 

Intensive waves with squared-off bumps rise out of the texture’s center, massaging your penis while securing you firmly, giving you that tight “deep in her ass” sensation you long for with anal sex. 

Enjoy several inches of pure butt sex bliss in the third chamber before moving on to the next, where the intensity of “Supreme” continues to send shock waves up and down your dick.

Chamber #4

Starting at the 5-inch mark begins one of the most exciting chambers featured in any Fleshlight to date. This section is made up of a myriad of structures - bumps, bars, and forward-facing massage stems, all designed for maximum pleasure.

In addition to this wild, 360 degrees of stimulation is a snug anal-like fit. This canal provides pressure from all around. Expect the extraordinary stimulation from the third chamber to carry over nicely here.

Chamber #5

Finally, deep into “Supreme” at the 7-inch mark is the fifth and final chamber of Kayden Kross’s anal Fleshlight. 

Designed with three slightly curved, edged cross ribs, we engineered this section to be the perfect final touch for your sensitive penis head to rub up against.

Who Will Love Kayden Kross’s Fleshlight?

As you learned in this article, Kayden’s anal Fleshlight has an unusual first few inches for an anal texture, but it goes from mild to wild very quickly. If you’re looking for a change of pace and an entirely new experience, you’ll likely come to adore this male masturbator. 

The wide chambers at the beginning give the overall experience a nice suction effect. A few inches inside, the central sections of “Supreme” are incredible with their intense structures and squeezing anal tightness.

Simply put, if you love Kayden Kross and love anal, this is a must-have sexual experience. 

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