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Timeless Toys: Jenna Haze's "Obsession" Fleshlight

In this edition of “Timeless Toys,” we’ll go back in time to remember the beautiful Jenna Haze and her unbelievably stimulating Fleshlight, the “Obsession” texture.


Hailed as one of the most intense Fleshlight toys of all time, it’s lined with a bump-covered landscape that tightens the deeper you penetrate. You’ve never felt a male sex toy like this before.

Before we take the plunge into Jenna’s lady texture, let’s first do a quick recap on this retired pornstar and gorgeous Fleshlight Girl.

Fleshlight Girl Jenna Haze: A Quick Recap

When you think of the all-time great “girls-next-door" in porn, you have to include the beautiful brunette, Jenna Haze.


Born in Fullerton, California in 1982, Jenna Haze is known for her long, silky, dark hair, big brown eyes, and petite frame. Due to her mixed Spanish, German, and Irish heritage, Ms. Haze has perfectly tan, glowing olive skin year-round, giving her a striking look that guys have lusted over for nearly two decades. 

Launching her career in the adult entertainment industry back in 2001, Jenna went on to do girl-on-girl porn exclusively from 2002 to 2005 and returned to guys thereafter. 

Jenna Haze is one of the few actresses to have won both of AVN's most coveted awards for female performers: Best New Starlet & Performer of the Year. 

Finally, in 2009, at the top of her career, Jenna Haze teamed up with us as a Fleshlight Girl.

Up next, we’ll take a close look at her signature pussy Fleshlight texture “Obsession.”

Jenna’s Haze’s Lady Fleshlight: “Obsession” 


Jenna Haze’s unique sensation “Obsession” is made up of two distinctive chambers that begin immediately behind her narrow and inviting pussy lips. 

Chamber #1 

As you enter through her tight-lipped entrance, you slide into the first chamber where you immediately come into contact with five pleasurable cross-ribs. Each rib is designed to stimulate your penis head as you first penetrate and then, thereafter, stroke yourself back and forth. 

As you’d expect from Jenna Haze’s petite frame, her first chamber is tight, well under an inch in diameter. As you’ll see in the next with the next chamber, the tightness, and intensity increase to a whole other level.

Chamber #2

When passing from the first chamber into the second, you’ll notice there is no distinguishable connecting pathway like we saw in our previous Timeless Toy’s review. 

The second chamber simply opens slightly and changes dramatically. 

The walls of the chamber are entirely lined with long-stemmed bumps. These are slightly pointed at an angle towards the opening. This bump landscape provides extremely intense stimulation when the penis head meets the pointy ends of each individual bump sending a chill throughout your body with each thrust. 

As you can see in the image of her Fleshlight texture, the diameter decreases with every inch you plunge deeper into Jenna Haze’s Obsession.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If you’re looking for a Fleshlight with unbelievably high intensity that pushes your endurance like nearly no other sex toy on the market, the “Obsession” texture could be for you.

Another advantage of this timeless toy is that with the relatively unchanging texture, the length of your penis does not matter much. The sensation retains the same quality of stimulation throughout! 

As we saw in the texture breakdown, once you stick your cock into Jenna’s signature pussy, the texture begins to tighten very fast. As you pass through the first chamber, a soft massage effect spreads across the penis with each cross-rib it passes. 

In the meantime, the channel gets significantly tighter, increasing the pressure from all directions along with the long-stemmed bump stimulation. By thrusting deeper, the stimulation only increases while the overall intensity rises along with it. 

The strong sensation combined with the increasing tightness naturally slows down the speed with every inch you push deeper, providing a phenomenal penetration feeling.

Finally, it’s important to mention that as you thrust outwards from the Jenna Haze Fleshlight, the bumps grip your penis more than many sleeves. This resistance provides a gentle pulling sensation and is supported by a suction effect. So, if suction is important to you, this sleeve could be ideal for your purposes.

Jenna Haze is undeniably one of the sexiest pornstars of all time, so it’s only right that you add her Fleshlight to your collection. 

When it comes to masturbation, Jenna Haze believes that “sex is a beautiful thing, and it should be enjoyed."

We here at Fleshlight full-heartedly agree. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy sex with the Jenna Haze Fleshlight today!

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