Timeless Toys: The Alexis Texas "Outlaw" Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: The Alexis Texas "Outlaw" Fleshlight

Welcome to Flesh Life’s “Timeless Toys,” where we hop into the Fleshlight Time Machine for a sex toy blast from the past. In this post, we give an overview of southern belle Alexis Texas and her perfect pussy replica, “Outlaw.” 


Although famed for her butt, this blonde beauty’s lady Fleshlight is known for its excellent penetration, increasingly tight embrace, and wide, inviting pussy lips. Needless to say, this is a must-have product for all fans of this curvy pornstar legend.

Now, before we get taken by Ms. Texas’ “Outlaw” Fleshlight, let’s learn a little about this timeless Fleshlight Girl.

All About Fleshlight Girl Alexis Texas

Take a close look at Alexis Texas, and you’ll agree it’s hard to put a finger on her heritage. Alexis has a unique mixed background that combines Puerto Rican and Scandinavian bloodlines. This blend gives her a look unlike any other girl in the adult industry.

Alexis is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and is a curvy 140 pounds. Most of that weight seems to be in her butt, which is her most well-known feature. See for yourself, it’s huge!


Alexis is a small-town Texas girl who couldn't wait to make her mark in adult movies. Alexis started her career with Shane's World's College Amateur Tour in her home state. After moving to L.A. in 2007, she decided to follow her calling in the adult film industry.

While her healthy rear is what gets her the most attention, Ms. Texas has other features that fans adore. 

They love her sexy smile, beautiful eyes, and her eagerness to perform. While Alexis has a special place for anal, she adores the deep thrusting of vaginal sex.

From girl-on-girl sex to gang bangs, she's been involved in nearly every type of scene. If you've ever watched her on the screen and wondered what it’s like to have this southern porn girl ride you until you bust deep inside of her, wait no more.

Keep reading to learn all about this voluptuous pornstar’s lady Fleshlight texture, “Outlaw.”

The Alexis Texas “Outlaw” Fleshlight 

When you grab this Fleshlight and pop off the front cap, Alexis’s abundant labia is put on full display in epic detail. It really is an impressive replica of this star’s lady parts.


Known for its moderate intensity but solid stimulation throughout, the Outlaw Fleshlight impresses with its bumped ribs and creative series of structures lining its interior walls. As you’ll see, this texture is designed for a moderately long ride, resulting in an intensive orgasm awaiting you at the finish line. 

The Outlaw’s Texture 

As we’ll now see in detail, Alexis Texas’ “Outlaw” is made up of three pleasure chambers and two stimulating connections, which narrow around your cock the deeper you explore. 

Immediately after sliding in between Ms. Texas exquisitely inviting lips, the first chamber of her Outlaw texture begins. Interestingly, as you’ll see, what makes the Outlaw stand out are the connections between the chambers more than just the chambers themselves.


Chamber #1

Right through her lips, you come to the first chamber’s two rings. These are specifically designed to firmly stroke your cock as it glides through the sleeve. Push through these and you’re already at the first passage.

This canal starts with a series of medium-sized, slightly inclined, round bumps. What you can expect from these is stellar stimulation up and down your shaft. The ribs featured in this passageway are designed to reduce the canal diameter providing both tightness and massaging sensation for your penis to enjoy.

The connection ends just as it started with another ring of round bumps.

Chamber #2

One of the keys to Alexis Texas Outlaw’s success is that it simply repeats the first chamber’s texture design but it increasingly becomes tighter the deeper you penetrate. 

You’ll immediately notice yet another “penetration sensation” as your head pops into the second chamber.

Here, you get yet another two rows of rectangular bump blocks followed by another connection canal. It is also similar to the first one with a bump ring followed by bumps lining its interior walls. 

The increasing tightness produces epic stimulation that is a literal pleasure to experience.  

Chamber #3

After the corridor, the third chamber continues just like in the previous two chambers with small, block-shaped bumps. 

Once you’ve made it to this point, you have come to the end of the Outlaw texture.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Overall, the Outlaw is a toy nearly all men are guaranteed to enjoy immensely. Its penetration gives you not only a beautiful set of pussy lips and realistic tightness but an overall interior structure that is designed to make you want to go deeper and deeper. 

The variations and increasing tightness of this Fleshlight really make using it a memorable experience. 

Click here to try her out for yourself!

If you love Alexis Texas for her signature anal performances, make sure to check back soon when we cover her backdoor texture “Tornado.” Until the next segment of Timeless Toys!

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