3 MUST-HAVE Fleshlight Accessories for 2021

3 MUST-HAVE Fleshlight Accessories for 2021

If you’ve ever had the Fleshlight experience, you know masturbation can be a phenomenally good time. With that being said, it might surprise you to know that your Fleshlight stroking experience can get even better! 

In addition to our massive selection of Fleshlight Girl sleeves and a large variety of male strokers of all shapes and sizes, we also make accessories designed to pair with your sex toy, adding a little something extra to your masturbation experience. 

In this article, we will take a look at three must-have Fleshlight accessories for 2021. While we do sell many other noteworthy accessories, these are game-changers that will take your Fleshlight stroking experience to the next level! 

#1 The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer: The Best Way to Prepare Your Fleshlight 

The first must-own Fleshlight accessory is, without question, the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. Experienced Fleshlight users know that at room temperature it can feel a bit cold upon penetration. If you’re like most men, when using a Fleshlight, you’re hoping for as realistic (or at least, pleasurable) a sexual experience as possible. You want a nice warm orifice to slide into. This product does just that.

In Fleshlight’s early days, the go-to warming method consisted of simply soaking your sleeve in hot water for several minutes before use. Luckily, several years back, our brilliant product design team developed a dedicated Fleshlight sleeve warmer to facilitate the process of reaching a “sensual,” life-like temperature before each use.

As you can see, the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is a simple rod that is inserted into the sleeve of your choice. Simply plug it into the wall or any USB-friendly power source and you’re good to go after 10-15 minutes of warming.

Why Do I Need This Fleshlight Accessory? 

For starters, Fleshlight’s SuperSkin was made to be much more than a smooth, soft sensation, it was built to retain heat, too! So, while you can always use your Fleshlight to masturbate without any pre-warming, you’re not necessarily getting the full experience by doing so.

Secondly, let’s face it, having to prepare a large bowl (or sink) full of sloshing hot water is a pain in the ass. This is especially true when there is a vastly simpler and neater solution available. 

Simply whip out your favorite Fleshlight, pop off the caps, add a few drops of lube, and gently slide it onto the warming rod for 10 minutes. Once you’ve finished with the warmer, it’s easy to clean, too – just wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Available for both standard-sized Fleshlights, the Flight series, and Quickshots.

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#2 The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch: The Best Automated Masturbation Experience

This essential Fleshlight accessory, The Quickshot Launch, takes your fapping game to an entirely new level.

Long story short, the Quickshot Launch is an automatic blowjob toy that features an innovative hands-free design. This isn’t to say that you can put your hands on the back of your head while the machine does all the work – you simply need to hold it down using the handgrips controls to manage the suction and speed. 

The purpose of this Fleshlight accessory is simple – it takes care of the entire thrusting experience so you don’t tire yourself out in the process.

Why Do I Need This Fleshlight Accessory? 

As the name implies, the Quickshot Launch is designed to only be used with the Fleshlight Quickshot toys. So, if you have one, or are considering purchasing one, this is, without a doubt, a MUST-HAVE accessory. 

I know what you’re likely thinking, “It’s just a machine that moves my Fleshlight up and down for me. Big deal!”

Yes, this is true. But what makes it really special is it does so with precision. Once you’ve slid your dick into your Quickshot, you can control the length of each stroke on the left-side controls and the speed on the right – up to 250 strokes per minute! 

But, that’s not all! Behind the left-hand grip, you’ll find the “position” button. There are three positions to choose from: shaft, middle, or just the tip – you decide what are to zero-in on!

So, as you can see, the Quickshot Launch is extremely customizable for the ultimate automated fap session. 

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#3 The Fleshlight Drying Racks: The Best Way to Dry Your Fleshlight

Finally, once you’ve warmed your Fleshlight and beat your meat, there’s only one main thing left to do: clean and dry it, of course!

For more inexperienced Fleshlight users, drying might not seem like that big of a deal, but it is. By not properly drying your sleeve, you risk bacteria and fungal growth on both the interior and exterior. Obviously, this means that your product will last for years on end – like it’s designed to do!

Here at Fleshlight, we give you three options for drying your freshly cleaned toy.


The “Hang Dry”

The first of our new Fleshlight Drying Racks is the “Hang Dry.” This, as the name implies, lets you hang your Fleshlight sleeve from a variety of spots, allowing air to easily circulate through and water to drip out the exit hole. 

When using this drying rack we recommend hanging it in an area where you don’t mind small amounts of water dripping out, such as your shower. 

This rack is expertly crafted to hold any standard-sized Fleshlight sleeve you may own. 

The “Stand Dry”

Next is the “Stand Dry.” This too is a drying rack specifically designed to hold and dry your Fleshlight sleeves. Ideal for those who do not want to drip dry their Fleshlight onto a floor or towel, the Stand Dry is designed to capture all water in its built-in water receptacle. 

You can store this practically anywhere from your bathroom counter to your bedroom nightstand.

The “Screw Dry” 

Finally, we have the “Screw Dry.” This Fleshlight Drying Rack is unique in that it gives you the capability of drying your sleeve with its case intact.

After use, simply remove your sleeve, give it a good rinse, apply Fleshwash throughout, towel dry the exterior, pop it back into its case, and (with each cap still removed) place it into the Screw Dry drying rack.  

Why Do I Need This Fleshlight Accessory? 

These are by far the best (and easiest) way to completely dry your Fleshlight sleeve after each and every use. Drying is extremely important if you want to ensure both your toy’s sanitation and longevity.

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