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The Sex Machines You Need

The pinnacle of sex and toy masturbation isn't a simple dildo, butt plug, or stationary cock ring. The world of sex toys now includes sex machines like male strokes, dildo machines with dildo attachments, and saddle sex machines designed to deliver the ultimate solo pleasure experience. 

These machines function as close to real lovemaking as possible, each device using advanced technology to last longer, go harder, and grip tighter than any other toy. 

In this article, we will review the top fucking machines and offer advice on selecting the best one for you. 

The Best Sex Machines for Hands-Free Pleasure

These machines are powered devices that can thrust, suck, or grip without the need for aggressive human movement. No longer will you leave a session frustrated and exhausted. A top sex machine does all the work for you. 

But not every sex machine is designed with the same care and intention or designed for the same masturbation session. Some toys are ideal for simulating a top-tier blowjob, while some are made to feel just like a real pussy. 

Review the following options to decide which sex machine should be your bedside buddy. 

Vibrating Machines 

These vibrating machines are the pinnacle of self-pleasure, including the following features that make them otherworldly:

  • Vibration station: The vibrating machines at Fleshlight use three powerful bullets to deliver robust orgasms. 
  • Vaginal or anal designs: These machines are designed to precisely imitate a vagina or anus's grip. The vibes will make you feel like you're sinking into the real thing.  
  • Lifelike exterior: The best-vibrating machines are modeled after plush vaginal lips or a puckered bum hole, ready to go. You'll be able to drift into the ultimate thruster fantasy with these toys. 

At Fleshlight, our top-of-the-line vibrating machines include the Vibro™ Lady and the Vibro™ Butt. These two powerhouse machines are modeled after a heavenly snatch and pulsating bum, respectively. You can imagine you’re hitting a G-spot and clitoral nub or P-spot, getting a partner moaning. 

If you're interested in hands-free, lifelike vaginal or anal sex, these are the machines to choose from. 

Oral Machines 

​​There are few feelings that match the otherworldly sensation of an oral machine. These devices are designed to automatically pulse and shake around your member, bringing you to heights unknown and delivering a smashing climax. 

The top-tier machines at Fleshlight help you avoid the gnashing teeth and dry head that may haunt your past sexual exploits. These toys are expertly designed orifices that come with a powerful suction cup. This cap allows you to control the intensity of the head to whatever you're in the mood for. 

Here are some of the best-selling Fleshlight designs that even a sex toy beginner can enjoy:  

  • Boost - Blow: This deluxe toy comes equipped with plush lips and a soft silicone interior made to feel just like a human mouth. The inner sleeve contains the perfect structure of bumps, ridges, and clusters to simulate a mouth. The further in you go, the more deepthroat action you'll get. 
  • Turbo Thrust™: The Turbo Thrust is a sleek machine designed to be transparent, so you can watch every inch slide into the device. The toy is made with three points of initial insertion to ideally model a real mouth, delivering fantastic head. 
  • Quickshot Turbo: Craving that sweet machine blowjob on the go? The Quickshot is designed to travel with you. Take this discreet, unique toy on every trip for a stellar masturbation session. 

If oral is your prime fetish, the oral machines will help you blow your load every time. They're so user-friendly it’s almost like they’re remote control devices.  

Stroking Machines

Sex machines are delightful toys, but stroking machines are on a whole other level. These thrusting sex machines are the most hands-free, powerful toys available.  

Here's how they work:

  1. Load up a stroker: Pick your favorite stroker toy and strap it into the device. You can select between vaginal, anal, or oral toys; whatever you're in the mood for will do. 
  2. Make sure it's changed: When fully charged, a stroking machine should be able to last up to an hour. Make sure you're changed and ready to go before starting your session. There’s no need for a complex adapter or intense batteries.
  3. Pick your speed: These toys will automatically pump at the thrusting speed and stroke length of your choosing. The best devices even allow you to focus on the tip, shaft, or base. No need to use a complete app control device; these toys work with just the push of a button. 

The Fleshlight stroking machines are almost like reverse strap-ons for men and include the Universal Launch and Quickshot Launch. Both of the machines are created to please and deliver superb automated pleasure. 

The Launch line can pump as quickly as 250 strokes per minute or be slowed down for a more teasing experience. The top of the machine has a space for your phone, so you can watch your favorite porno while you get off hands-free. These rechargeable male masturbators let you almost live out your every porn kink, from a cowgirl lingerie party to a realistic dildo harness video. 

You can even use a butt plug for sensational double penetration. The Launch line revolutionizes the way you masturbate. 

Caring for Your Sex Machine: Best Practices

Sex machines are an investment in your solo-pleasure time, and you want them to last for years to come. Here are the best practices for caring for your new device: 

  • Avoid water: It may seem obvious, but many toys are designed to accompany you in water. Sex machines are not one of these toys, and they will short-circuit and break if exposed to a body of water or even a shower.
  • Use high-quality lube: Some amount of wetness is totally fine to use with your machine. It's best to use a moderate amount of lube inside the device before every session. Make sure you've selected a high-quality lube that won't distress the device or irritate your member. 
  • Clean regularly: The best machines can be wiped down, or you can remove the inner sleeve for cleaning. After every session, clean the device with water. Every few sessions (or as needed), do a more thorough clean with the manufacturer-recommended soap. 
  • Store securely: Continual sun exposure, harsh temperatures, or exposure to other elements could damage your machine. Keep it safely stored in a cool, dark place in between uses. A great spot is your bedside table. 

Keep your machine clean and protected, and it will deliver toe-tingling orgasms for years to come. 

Let Your Fleshlight Sex Machine Take the Reigns of Your Pleasure

You shouldn't leave a masturbation session exhausted and beaten down. The sex machines at Fleshlight offer easy, continual pleasure that will have you coming back for more. 

Check out our vibrating male masturbators for the top vibrating machines. Review the oral toys collection for that simple blowjob in a bottle. Study the Fleshlight Launch items to find the stroking machine of your dreams. 

Our quality love machines allow you to live out your every fetish, from oral BDSM to anal play. Browse Fleshlight's many options and checkout with a new toy for relaxed, hands-free pleasure.

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