The Most Common Dating Profile Mistakes for Men (and how to fix them)

The Most Common Dating Profile Mistakes for Men (and how to fix them)

Welcome back to the Fleshlife blog – today, we will share some tips and tricks to help you optimize your dating profile and attract the female attention you deserve. 

We'll go over the most common dating profile mistakes and provide some simple solutions to fix them. By following these suggestions, you may find yourself among the top 3% of men on dating apps, ensuring a more successful and enjoyable online dating experience.


Let’s get to it.

Mistake #1: NOT Using Online Dating Apps

Many guys simply are not using online dating apps at all and assume that it’s a “waste of time” or that “girls have all the power” in online dating. But this couldn't be further from the truth! 

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Online dating provides an easy way to get first dates, gives you experience in texting, and helps you build an abundance mindset around women and dating in general.

So, make sure online dating is part of your dating strategy and put in the effort required to create a great profile that attracts high-quality matches.

Mistake #2: A Lack of Variety in Your Photos

One of the top mistakes that guys make is having little variety in their online dating profiles, often using the same background or outfit in multiple photos. This can come off as dull and shows women that you’re not putting much effort into your profile. 

To show the depth of your personality and make your profile more attractive, use a mix of stylish, hobby-related, and adventurous photos taken outdoors and with varied backgrounds. 

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Remember to include both smiling AND serious expressions in your photos. 

Just mix it up!

Mistake #3: Relying on Selfies

Including selfies in your dating profile is a significant mistake for two reasons: 

1) They show minimal effort on your end. 

2) They give the impression that you don't have any friends or aren’t social.

Instead, invest in a tripod for solo photos or ask friends to take your snapshots in different poses and settings.

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Another option is hiring a photographer for an hour or two to help you capture some high-quality pictures.

Mistake #4: Engaging in Excessive Online Chit-Chat

When it comes to online dating apps, remember the whole point – to meet someone in real life. 

So, get to the point, and set up a time and place to hang out!

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Lengthy, drawn-out conversations via dating apps often lead to lost interest and wasted time. You should rely on at most ten texts back and forth to say hi and ask a few questions before suggesting a meetup. This habit will help you efficiently move conversations toward in-person meetings.

Don’t be overly aggressive about it, but don’t get sucked into “online buddy” status. 

Lock down the date! 

Mistake #5: Having an Off-Putting Profile

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is writing a dull or overly serious bio.

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Instead, try to infuse humor and wit into your profile. A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek approach will showcase your personality and make your profile more engaging, ultimately increasing your chances of getting dates.

Remember, your dating profile is your personal branding. It's essential to make it unique and interesting to stand out from the crowd. 

By addressing these common dating profile mistakes, you'll be well on your way to attracting high-quality matches, having more dates, and ultimately gaining more experience and having more fun.

So, don't hesitate to fix these mistakes and start dating with confidence!

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