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The Fleshskins Grip Explained (You Need This Toy!)

When you envision a Fleshlight, what comes to mind? 

For most people, it's our standard-sized "flashlight" case – the signature design that started it all.


And although this model continues to be a core part of most of our male masturbators, in recent years, we have also launched several new styles of Fleshlight products.

One of these, in particular, is an innovative product that flips the script on our original design in an unexpected way.  

However, despite launching back in 2018, many guys do not know much about this affordable and sexual gratifying product, the Fleshskins Grip.


In this article, we'll take a closer look and examine the ins and outs of this must-own sex toy for men.

What Exactly is a Fleshskins Grip?

The Fleshskins grip is an entirely new take on our wildly popular line of sex toys for men. In designing it, we came up with an all-new Fleshlight sleeve that requires no bulky exterior shell when in use, unlike its predecessors.

Instead, you will only use its provided case for storage and drying.


With the Fleshskins Grip, you control the tightness and intensity of your masturbation experience with the stroke of your (or your partner's) hand. 

As with all Fleshlight products, expect a patented, skin-soft, intensely-textured material that we've become known for across the world.

How to Use the Fleshskins Grip? 

Using the FleshSkins Grip male masturbator is simple. 

As with all Fleshlight sleeves, whether or not you warm it before use is entirely up to you, but we certainly recommend it.  

Next, of course, make sure to use a little water-based lube on both your penis and Fleshskin's interior so that it smoothly and safely glides up and down your stiff shaft. 

Start by sliding your fingers into each of the designated inserts. Then, either alone or with the helping hand of a partner, begin stroking and squeezing to your cock's delight. 


Whether you want it tight and slow or slightly looser and fast, the Fleshskins Grip's soft, malleable material allows you to control the experience.

Once you finish, rinse it out with warm running water. If you want to guarantee that your toy is bacteria-free, make sure to apply some of our FleshWash cleaner.

Lastly, you'll want to ensure you're thoroughly drying your Fleshskins Grip after every use. To make this as simple as possible, we designed its custom case to allow fast drying and easy storage. 

After cleaning, place the FleshSkins product on the drying rod, allowing the toy to dry thoroughly. Finally, put the lid on the case and store it away. 

The Fleshskins Grip Texture 

As you'll notice at first glance, the FleshSkins Grip's exterior has a striking transparent blue ice material. Attractive as this may be, with all Fleshlights, it's on the inside where the magic truly happens. 


As you first slip your cock inside, you will encounter three rows of dome-like structures covered by small, nipple-like protrusions. 

As you continue stoking and moving deeper within, you will feel another three ribs and three rows of irregular raised and rounded shapes that glide pleasantly up and down your erect member.

Finally, before your cock bursts out of the Fleshskin's tail opening, you will experience another cluster of ribbed bumps snugly massage your penis head. 

How Does a Fleshskins Grip Feel? 

If you're like most dudes, you likely look at this sex toy and think to yourself, "Damn, I wonder how that feels?"

We created the Fleshskins Grip to be an entirely new type of masturbation experience. We stripped away the rigid outer case for the first time, allowing you to customize your masturbation sessions effortlessly. 


Once inside this toy's inner chamber, the exterior four-finger grip gives you complete control over both speed and intensity. With one single hand, you can alter your experience every single time you take it out for a spin. 

Do you want to feel every interior rib, bump, and nipple structure? 

No problem, just squeeze, applying more pressure to your masturbator.

All in all, the stimulation you'll experience from the Fleshskins Grip has the potential to be either highly intense or moderate, ideal for long edging sessions. 

In conclusion, the Fleshskins Grip is an absolute dream for either solo or partner play. Its small and light design makes it ideal for travel or easily stashing away at home.

Also, its neutral orifice and stripped-down design make it a perfect non-intimidating first purchase for guys wanting to get into sex toys for the first time or, perhaps, introduce into bedroom play with a significant other. 

Don't hesitate...

Click here to get your hands on your brand new Fleshskins Grip! 

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