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The Fleshlight Alien Invasion is Here!

You've seen the movies – we all knew something like this was coming. 

For decades, Hollywood has shown us a wide array of scenarios of how an alien invasion could play out. These films inevitably led us to ponder such questions as:

Would they abduct us? 

Would they destroy our towns and cities? 

Would we be able to put our differences aside, uniting (and fighting) as one species?

However, now that they are here, one thing is obvious: these aliens have FAR different intentions than we were made to believe... 


Go where no manhood has gone before with the Alien Invasion Fleshlights! With four variations of extraterrestrial entryways and exotic textures to choose from, your alone time with your favorite sci-fi flick will never be the same again. 


Prepare yourself for an out-of-this-world extraterrestrial experience with the Alien Fleshlight. 

This mesmerizing pearlescent blue Alien begs to beam you up for a close encounter of the preferred kind. With its alluring double clitoris and cock craving opening, this is an orifice you'll want to enter over and over again.


The exclusive Alien texture combines the feel of three of our most popular textures to create an orgasmic experience. Tantalizing sinews swirl together, mimicking our famous Vortex canal before breaking through to a Lotus node that finally gives way to our most intense texture, the Stamina Training Unit.

What's Included

Here's what you'll receive in your Alien Fleshlight package

  1. Classic black case

  2. Exclusive Alien sensation

  3. Instructions for use and care

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Alien Queen

While the Alien provides next-level sexual satisfaction, if she leaves you craving even more interstellar intercourse, you need more than just this alien girl to satisfy your needs – you need to add a queen to your collection, too! 


The Alien Queen Fleshlight's tight, inviting green lips were designed to engulf your erect member and push you to orgasm at the speed of light.

The Alien Queen texture maintains a consistent tightness while featuring various bumps, ridges, and significant suction. The Alien Queen is truly an out-of-this-world sexual sensation that’ll make you cum again and again.

What's Included

Here's what you'll receive in your Alien Queen Fleshlight package:

  1. Classic black case

  2. Exclusive Alien Queen lady sensation

  3. Instructions for use and care

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Alien Quickshot

The Alien Quickshot has landed, bringing along with it an otherworldly sexual experience. A more compact, stashable version of our standard-sized Alien Fleshlights, choose between either a blue or green sleeve and two different orifice combinations: lady and butt OR mouth and butt.


The Alien Quickshot texture might be short in length, but fear not, it's yet another example of good things in small packages. 


Its incredible sensation begins with a realistic, snug entry-point and is jam-packed with a highly-texture never-before-seen cross-grid designed to gently stroke you back and forth, driving you (or your partner) wild.


Here's what you'll receive in your Alien Quickshot package

  • Open-ended patented clear SuperSkin

  • Alien sleeve

  • Alien Mini-Lady/Butt orifice (option 1)

  • Alien Mini-Butt/Mouth orifice (option 2)

  • Sleeve caps on each end for convenient storage

We hope you're as stocked as we are for this Alien Invasion. Available for just a limited time only, click here to shop our entire lineup today!

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