Return of the Fleshlight Freaks Pt. 1

Return of the Fleshlight Freaks Pt. 1

We love Halloween. 

As a holiday all about monsters and other spooky beings, it's the perfect opportunity for us to get creative and combine it with our love for sex toys.

Starting in 2011, we released our first line of our hugely popular "Freak" Fleshlights, including a Zombie, bride of Frankenstein, and many more, all with original textures and innovative orifices. 

Now, for a limited time, they're back in stock all month long, available for your shopping pleasure.

Here in this article, we'll take a quick look at each toy, reviewing its unique, spooky orifice and wonderfully pleasing interior texture.

The Cyborg Fleshlight

The ultimate experience in AI (Artificial Intercourse), the Cyborg Fleshlight, is the futuristic fucking experience you never knew you needed. 

 Fleshlight Cyborg

As you penetrate the lady Cyborg, you're met with a snug, ultra-ribbed labia that welcomingly pulls you inside. Once you've inserted your manhood, her interior multi-chamber system provides you with a variety of stimulating, orgasm-inducing sensations 

Fleshlight Cyborg texture

Complete with cross-rib textures and massaging pleasure nubs placed strategically throughout, the Cyborg Fleshlight is a worthy new addition to your Fleshlight collection. 

Available for a limited time only – Get yours today!

The Predator Fleshlight

The Predator is back, but Schwarzenegger isn't here to save the day – this time, you're going to have to handle her all by yourself and fuck her into submission. 

Fleshlight Predator

Both terrifying and enticing all at once, this lady Predator's narrow slit is kept even tighter by her four sharp fingers, firmly providing additional support to her already slender labia.

Fleshlight Predator Texture

As you push into her little hole, the Predator's interior nubs, fangs, and gripping centerpiece work in unison to latch onto your member and refuse to let go until milking you dry.

Shop yours here today while supplies last!

The Reaper Fleshlight

When this Grim Reaper comes to collect your soul, she doesn't use traditional methods - she uses her tight hole to suck it out of you. You'll be rewarded immediately upon entry if you're brave enough to stick your member into her fear-inducing orifice. 

Fleshlight Predator

With a relatively snug grip throughout, this Fleshlight Freak is designed with various contrasting features that'll leave your cock both satisfied and wanting more all at once.

Fleshlight Predator Texture

Designed with cones, bumps, nubs, and crossbars, the Reaper Fleshlight is proof that absolute heaven can be found in the places you least expect.

Get yours today!

The Alien Fleshlight

Joe Rogan was right – extraterrestrials are already among us!

Fleshlight Alien

The Fleshlight Alien has landed, bringing an otherworldly sexual experience for your stroking pleasure. With its puffy exterior and uniquely inviting triangular labia, this freak's attractive exterior begs you to explore more, and once inside, it doesn't disappoint.

Fleshlight Alien Texture

Push your cock between her protruding neon blue lips and feel your manhood engulfed by this fan-favorite limited-time sensation. The Alien lady Fleshlight combines three of our most popular Fleshlight features into one sleeve. 

In its first chamber, you'll encounter several inches of a spiral-shaped Vortex canal that provides your penis head maximum friction while pulling you deeper within. This region is followed by a Lotus node complete with a tight constriction – this section commands you to thrust harder, breaking through her snug interior. Lastly, the Alien's pussy texture ends in a bumpy and intense Stamina Training Unit texture.

Don't wait; these Alien babes are only available for a limited time shop yours here!

The Alien Quickshots

If you're yearning for an interstellar orgasm but are looking for a more discreet solution, the Alien Quickshot provides you with a compact, stashable version of our standard Alien masturbator. 


The Alien Quickshot texture might be short in length, but its incredible sensation is jam-packed with forward-facing long-stemmed bumps, ridges, and fangs designed to gently stroke you back and forth, driving you (or your partner) wild.


Available in either blue or green, with lady, butt, and mouth orifices to choose from, you get off exactly how you want to.

Shop your Alien Quickshots here!

With that, we conclude part one of Return of the Freaks. If you're craving an otherworldly sexual experience, these sleeves are guaranteed to leave you deeply satisfied. SHOP YOURS HERE, and make sure to tune into our next article to see the rest of our Fleshlight Freaks available for a limited time.

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