Quickshot Stamina Training Unit: The Ultimate Compact Fleshlight

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit: The Ultimate Compact Fleshlight

Sometimes, when it comes to our sex toys, we want something that’s both effective AND efficient. Something that is easy to use, easy to store away, and easy to enjoy.

Our line of Quickshot toys is exactly that. 

Today, right here, we’re announcing a new member to the Quickshot Fleshlight family: The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit.


The Quickshot version is less than half the size of the original Stamina Training Unit and is unique due to its fully exposed orifices on each end. 

Keeping reading to learn all about how we took our internationally best selling Fleshlight and combined it with our fan-favorite, the discreet Quickshot toy.

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Overview

As mentioned, the Quickshot Stamina Training Unit is a hybrid of our best-selling texture shrunk down to the condensed Quickshot size and shape that has made it a hit for millions of users. 

The unique Quickshot design means you have a short sleeve with entry points on both ends. For this particular sex toy, you have a vaginal orifice on one end and a butt entry on the other. 

Most men will enter in one orifice and see their erect dick come out the other end as they stroke back and forth either alone or in the bedroom with a partner.
Due to its design, it can be used as supplementary stimulation during traditional solo masturbation or with a partner as she gives you a blowjob or handjob.

The opportunities extend as far as your imagination can take you.

Additionally, thanks to the open-ended sleeve of this Fleshlight variation, you can rest assured cleaning up will be a breeze. 

Simply remove the sleeve from its compact case after use and rinse it with warm water. We also recommend our Fleshwash cleaning liquid. Allow your Quickshot to dry before returning it to its case.

The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Texture

So, what is the “Stamina Training Unit” texture all about? 


First and foremost, we created it for those of you guys that want to last longer in bed while maintaining a rock-solid erection the entire time (who doesn’t want this?). 

This is essential when your goal is the full satisfaction of your partner (and you!). 
The Stamina Training Unit’s texture was specifically designed to help men improve their sexual endurance. Its interior is made up of large, condensed, pillow-like bumps that push you to the edge with each use. The highly dense bump texture applies remarkably intense stimulation to the penis. 

It’s up to you to practice and actively train to prolong your sexual experience with each use. With training, many users have claimed that using the Stamina Training Unit helped them with premature ejaculation and as well as performance anxiety. 

The Quickshot Stamina Training Unit is the exact same texture as our original masturbator but shorter, and more compact. 

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Measurements

The Quickshot is our smallest line of male masturbators measuring in at only 4.3’’ (10.9 cm) long and 2.7” (6.7 cm) in diameter. 


Your gold Quickshot Stamina Training Unit case is also quite discrete. It doesn’t give away its purpose immediately, making it consistently one of our most popular products today.

What’s Included?
After ordering your Quickshot Stamina Training Unit, you'll receive the following:

  • Open-ended Stamina Training Unit Sleeve
  • Compact Gold case
  • Sleeve caps on each end for convenient storage
If the idea of any time, any place stamina training is appealing to you, then you know what to do, click here to get your new Fleshlight today!
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