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October Fleshlight Girl Birthdays – Get 10% Off!

Welcome to the October 2021 edition of Fleshlight Girl birthdays! In today's article, you'll learn all about Fleshlight Girls Dominika, Jessica Drake, and Ana Foxxx. Be sure to use code: GIRLS at checkout for 10% off your purchase of their products.


Let's light the candles and commence this month's celebrations.

Dominika C. Celebrates Her 36th Birthday 

Dominika, sometimes referred to in Europe as "Dominika C.", is a lovely Fleshlight Girl originally from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Although not known to film classic hardcore porn scenes with men, you may have previously seen the 5-foot 4-inch erotic model and adult star floating around online while perusing your favorite adult sites.


She loves both solo and lesbian play more than anything else. If this is your first time learning about Dominika, trust us: with her brunette hair, dark eyes, and incredibly natural good looks, she's easy to fall for.

Dominika is a nomad fond of frequent international travel, where she frequently puts her nude body on full display for some of the world's best photographers. 

A softcore model, Dominika is appreciated by her fans for her sexual artistry and erotic intensity. She has already been featured on nearly every major glamour site from Playboy to Metart, Hegre-art, Femjoy.com, Watch4beauty, and beyond. 


If you fantasize about petite brunettes with wonderfully large labia with a tight internal fit, the Dominika's Butterfly texture Fleshlight is for you.

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Jessica Drake Celebrates Her 37th Birthday 

Jessica Drake was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. With her wavy blonde hair, tight tan body, and reputation for giving it her all while on set, she continues to be a household name in the adult industry after a dozen years.


Jessica began her career with regular appearances on Playboy TV and modeling jobs for adult publications. Her big break came from her role in "Shyla's Web," which earned her an award for "Best Tease Performance." 

Later, Jessica received some well-earned recognition for her acting prowess and went on to win several "Best Actress" awards in addition to numerous other awards in 2007 and 2010.


Added to this, Jessica is also a public speaker and a sex educator! At this point in time, she has served on academic panels at universities such as UCLA and the University of Chicago to discuss the subject of adult pleasure and sexual health. 

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Ana Foxxx Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday 

If this is your first time laying your eyes on Ana Foxxx, you might be wondering if you've laid your sights on a supermodel. If so, you wouldn't be far off. This is precisely how the now well-known adult star began her wildly successful career in porn.  


Born and raised in California, Ana is not only drop-dead gorgeous but sweet, soft-spoken, and an all-around energetic girl. 

Surprisingly, at one point in time, Ana actually considered herself to be an introvert. According to her, "back in high school, I would have considered myself quiet and shy. I didn't date any boys in school and had few friends. I played sports and joined clubs, but I liked my own company the most." 

After becoming a model at 17 and continuing for a few years, doors began to open for Ana Foxxx, and her career evolved into porn, where she has thrived and made a name for herself ever since.


Ana Foxxx describes her Fleshlight sleeves as "chocolate," and when you see or touch it, you will likely want to lick or nibble it. Her beautiful physique and incredible skin tone make for a masterpiece, one that fans around the world adore.

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As always, thank you for tuning in to this month's Birthday celebration. Make sure to check back next month for more Fleshlight Girl birthday discounts!

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