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Mia Malkova’s Boss Level: An Epic Backdoor Adventure


After several months of enjoying Mia’s pussy, the Lvl Up sleeve, her sensational, life-like backdoor sleeve–Boss Level–has finally arrived.

According to Mia, the reason she got into porn in the first place was due to her love of sex “in ALL its forms.”

Anal included (of course). 

There’s no question that sex with this gorgeous blonde of French Canadian, German, and Irish descent feels even better than it looks on film. When you slide yourself into Mia Malkova plump tush, the rest of the world melts away in your mind because you can easily imagine you’re getting her full attention and limitless affection.
On top of being a goddess of sex, Mia is also a notorious video gamer. She frequently streams her gaming sessions online while her fans engage with her and (in many cases) play along. 

Introducing Mia’s New Butt Texture: Boss Level 



Mia Malkova’s new texture Boss Level will pull your cock into an epic world of squeezing curves and vigorous spirals. Every twist of Mia’s tight ass is filled with caressing knobs designed to add sizzling sensations to every stroke.  

Boss Level is designed to give any man desiring anal play an epic adventure with an intense finale. 


Boss Level: The Details

When you pop off the cap to Mia's Boss Level, you’re greeted with an identical replica of this sexy pornstar’s own butt.

Being a fairly simple, but highly stimulative design, the Boss Level Fleshlight texture is a highly realistic and lifelike backdoor experience making it one of the most lifelike anal Fleshlight products you are ever likely to try. 


Once you penetrate Mia’s ass you’ll notice the internal texture is constructed with essentially two core, individual chambers. 

The first chamber is rather short and leads into a second chamber that continues until hitting the end of the sleeve.

Combined, each chamber makes up one cohesive texture that is made to feel nearly indistinguishable from a real woman. 

We crafted Boss Level to truly be as close as you could ever hope to get to having anal sex with the sensual Mia Malkova.

Take a first-person tour in the video below! 


So, are you ready to play? She’s now logged in, ready to go. 

See if you can last until the end with Mia Malkova’s Boss Level sleeve.  

Get yours today!

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