Masturbation Tips To Take Your Session to the Next Level

As we age, our preferences and desires change. What once got you going as a horny teenager doesn’t do it anymore. 

Just like developing a refined palette, developing a refined masturbation routine takes experimentation and practice. 

In this article, we will discuss premier masturbation tips to help you find your groove again and continue to ace your solo sex routine. 

Orgasmic Masturbation Tips for Men

An average of 92% of American men masturbate with some frequency, according to the world’s largest masturbation study to date. Unfortunately, many of these men are not enjoying completely fulfilling solo sex. 

Top-tier jacking off takes work and ingenuity, especially as you progress past your early 20s. Check out these masturbation techniques for upping your masturbation game and experiencing true satisfaction.

Play Around With Strokes

It’s easy to learn one way that works for you and stick to it. There’s no wrong way to masturbate, but it can be beneficial to switch up your stroke patterns and try something new every once in a while.

However, not every man is excellent at sticking to a new rhythm. Try picking your favorite song from a sexy time playlist or a solid rock or rap album with steady, well-paced beats. Pop on your new jack-off tune, and you’ll find it easier to stick with a new pace.  

Involve Your Whole Body

Masturbation doesn’t just have to be between you and your hand. Explore new erogenous zones, move your hips around, or try switching positions—your entire body can be used for pleasure. Techniques like the cold or warm hand trick can help you utilize your own body to the fullest. Here’s how it works:

  1. Prep Your Materials: Prepare a bowl of cold water and ice cubes or heat a damp washcloth in the microwave.  
  2. Let Your Hand Rest: Keep your hands resting in cold water or on a warm towel for a few minutes, depending on the exact desired temperature. 
  3. Start A Stellar Masturbation Session: Immediately start pleasuring yourself. The warmth or cold from your hand will feel almost like someone else is touching you, leading to a fantastic session.  

This tip may require some practice, and make sure to keep your hand at a comfortable temperature, not too hot or too cold.  

Expand Your Imagination

Go beyond your normal videos or erotic reading and expand your mind—you never know what you might discover.

For example, mirror play can be an excellent way to ignite your imagination. Simply set up a full-length mirror in a comfortable space and get to work. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to slip into a new fantasy. 

When it comes to self-pleasure, your imagination is truly the limit of what you can experience, making masturbation exciting again. Plus, inventive solo sex life can even have health benefits and increase your overall well-being.

Don’t Limit Your Session 

Masturbation doesn’t have to be a quick session; if you can, don’t limit your time and let yourself explore. It helps to slow down and spend more time teasing yourself and building sexual tension before the build-up. 

This will result in a stronger, more powerful orgasm. 

Consider timing yourself just to get an idea of your average solo session length; that way, you can feel more comfortable blocking out the correct amount of time to really get into it. 

Add a Toy…or Two

Ever seen the famous Fleshlights or incense prostate massagers and thought, “I’ve got to get myself one of those?” Now is a good time to invest. 

Toys can be an essential part of any session—don’t be afraid to test them out. Different toys offer different results and sensations. Experiment with what works for you and try out a variety of toys; here are some of the most popular:

Find what works for you, and you’ll completely revolutionize your solo-play routine. 

Exhilarating Masturbation Tips for Women

Ladies deserve premier pleasure, too. You don’t have to just stick with clitoral stimulation from a showerhead for the rest of your life. 

Here are the best masturbation tips for women to get off with a bang and enhance your self-care routine. 

Lay Back and Relax

Some women deal with intense feelings of guilt during and after masturbation sessions. This is an unfortunate byproduct of being raised in modern society, making it tough to relax. 

Follow these guidelines to help erase feelings of delinquency and start to truly enjoy yourself:

  • Give Yourself Grace: Solo sex is normal and shouldn’t be judged. Give yourself grace and allow your body to feel the pleasure it’s designed to feel. Remember, any sex educator, sex therapist, or sexologist will tell you that practicing self-love is a good thing. 
  • Get Comfortable: A calming, secure environment is vital for a proper masturbation session.  
  • Practice Mindfulness: Let your body and mind relax before you begin your session. Sexual wellness and developing good sexual health often require full-body relaxation and peace. 

Following these tips will lead to the most pleasurable masturbation experience and allow you to start exploring your body in new ways. 

Go At Your Own Pace

It’s easy for women to become frustrated with how long a session is taking. Here’s the thing, you can’t rush pleasure. 

Your body will respond in its own time, and often the longer it takes to cum, the more powerful the result. Go at your own pace, and if nothing seems to be happening, take a break or follow one of our other hot tips. 

Move Your Body

You don’t have to stick to only stimulating your clitoris and vulva; you have nerve endings everywhere. If you’re ready to take your pleasure to the next level, explore different positions or stimulate erogenous zones in new ways. Technically, an erogenous zone is an area of the body that’s especially sensitive and can deliver sexual sensations during masturbation. 

In reality, almost any area of your body can be made into an erogenous zone. Use gentle, teasing touches across all body parts, and use lube if it helps the process. 

Try this method when moving to new sex positions, and you’ll be in for a wild ride. 

Explore New Sensations With Toys

Add toys to your routine for brand-new sensations that leave you breathless. There are plenty of female sex toys on the market, but not all of these tools are made with intention and use premium materials. Check out these devices for a look into the best sex toys made for modern women: 

If one toy doesn’t do it for you, don’t fret. Just like masturbating with fingers and pillows, self-pleasure with toys takes practice. If at first you don’t succeed, lube up and try again. 

Add Extra Props

Sometimes women need a little something extra to get themselves in the mood. In addition to toys and moving, you can spice up your routine with props like mirrors or use your phone to watch videos or read erotic stories. 

You can also try to engage in audio erotica for an immersive experience. This newer form of porn showcases a recording of a sultry man or woman describing sexy scenarios. Click play and close your eyes for a highly pleasurable night. 

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