March Fleshlight Girls Pt. 2 – 10% Off All Month!

March Fleshlight Girls Pt. 2 – 10% Off All Month!

Welcome back! In part two of our March Fleshlight Girl birthdays, we'll celebrate the life, career, and signature Fleshlights of two of our stunning girls: Angela White and Misty Stone.


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Let's get this party started!

Misty Stone Celebrates Her 36th Birthday!

Considered by many of her fans as the "Halle Berry" of the porn industry, Misty Stone kicked off a wildly successful adult film career in 2006. 

Starting her adult film career in 2006, Misty Stone has appeared in hundreds of films over the years. She is quickly recognized by fans for her gorgeous caramel skin, beautiful face, and sensuous, fit body. 


Known first as an iconic sex symbol, she is also an advocate for performers of color in the adult industry and has appeared in video games and mainstream TV series in addition to her unforgettable adult performances.

In recent years, Misty has ventured out into more mainstream entertainment. You can find her in “Co-Ed Confidential” and “Sons of Anarchy,” and she’s also contributed voiceovers for the popular video game Grand Theft Auto-V.

In interviews, Misty admits that she casually fell into working in the porn industry but later chose to make a serious career of it because she wanted to give it her all and "be the best at what she was doing."


Misty Stone officially became a Fleshlight Girl in 2010 with the launch of Bump-N-Grind as her official lady texture.

You know you want to feel her from within.

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Angela White Celebrates Her 37th Birthday!

Australia's premier porn girl, Angela White, is a wonderfully curvy and bubbly adult star known for her bright blue eyes and voluptuous 32GG tits. So famous are these pair of knockers that they secured a Best Boobs nomination for her in the 2015 AVN Awards. 

Despite these fan-favorite features, it's Angela's inexorable sexual appetite that has made her so popular in the adult industry. Angela celebrates the diversity of sexual experiences and loves to explore her sexuality with both men and women.


After spending several years in strictly girl-on-girl and solo porn, she finally filmed her first hardcore boy/girl scene in 2011. It was aptly titled "Angela White Finally Fucks”, and what followed was a win for Score Magazine's Hardcore Performer of the Year. 

One of the most multifaceted women in porn today, Angela now performs, produces, and directs films in the adult industry. 


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Thanks for tuning into this segment of Fleshlife, until next time! 

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