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Oct 22, 2018

Lack of Sexual Satisfaction Can Cause Other Serious Health Risks

Lack of Sexual Satisfaction Can Cause Other Serious Health Risks
When you are sexually satisfied you feel pretty great. You may have a skip in your step and a song in your heart. However, there are actually some amazing health benefits to having sex and being sexually satisfied. If you don’t feel sexual satisfaction on a regular basis, it’s likely that you will be in somewhat poor health because you will lack the health benefits that regular sexual activity can bring to you.
According to a study, people who are sexually satisfied have stronger immune systems and take less sick days from work. So there is definitely an imperative for bosses to encourage their employees to get laid! Perhaps bosses should be buying their male underlings a FleshLight to keep them happy and in the office!
Sexual satisfaction can help women with an embarrassing problem. If they have a weak pelvic floor, they can suffer from incontinence, which is quite embarrassing. However, regular good fucking can make their muscles down there stronger. Guys should practice with a FleshLight to give them more stamina in order to give their girls a great workout!
There are a few studies that show sexual activity can lower blood pressure. This can help people who have heart problems and other problems related to hypertension. Perhaps a fap with a FleshLight before you head to the doctor can give you better numbers and put a smile on both your doctor’s and your face.
Sex burns approximately 5 calories every minute. That means 150 calories in 30 minutes and 300 calories per hour! That’s not a bad workout. Fucking a FleshLight, to stimulate the best level of complete satisfaction isn’t only about the euphoria of your largest orgasms, it can also be an important part of any health and wellness regimen.
Finally, guys need to jizz on a regular basis in order to keep their prostates healthy. Some studies have linked sexual activity on the regular to lower incidences of prostate cancer, which is a big health problem for guys. If you want to keep a healthy prostate, then you will use your FleshLight to make sure you get laid on a regular basis!

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