Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls: Lena the Plug

Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls: Lena the Plug


Welcome to our very first edition of “Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls.” In today’s article, we’re highlighting notable YouTube sensation, Premium Snapchat queen, and pornstar, Lena the Plug. 

Earlier this year, we caught wind of her in-depth interview with Forbes where they dove into her life as it stands here in 2020 – her pregnancy, how she earned over seven figures last year, and more. 

In it, we found some interesting nuggets detailing where she’s currently at in her life that we thought would be interesting for our fans who want to keep up with their favorite star.

The Forbes Interview with Fleshlight Girl Lena the Plug

What makes Lena the Plug stand out in the crowd isn’t just what she does on camera, it’s her entrepreneurial spirit. 

Starting out working in marketing and then passionately developing her own personal brand, today has over 3.5 million Instagram followers, 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.1 million Twitter followers. 

The craziest part? 

Even though she’s far from being a “mainstream porn actress,” she earned seven figures last year.

Following, we’ll give you a look at the most relevant information picked from her interview earlier this year that will help you catch up with our deliciously curvy, gorgeous star.  

Was being an entrepreneur something you planned or did you more fall into it?

Lena begins the interview by admitting, “I’ll be honest. I didn’t think I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body until I started doing this work.” 

It was only when she began selling access to her premium Snapchat back in 2016 when it “became very apparent that because of my high follower count on Instagram and Snapchat, I would have guaranteed financial success with it.”

During this time, in the early stages of her career, Lena the Plug shared that a few different people who ran popular sites for girls to host their Snapchat links had reached out to her to join their sites. 

“They wanted 50% of the revenue for me showing my entire body online, while they just hosted the site that processed the credit cards. It struck a nerve with me...I decided to have a site built for myself, where I could keep a majority of my earnings.” 

Since then, she’s moved on to more well-known, mainstream sites such as OnlyFans who offer a much more fair revenue split for its users. 

She credits creating her own website with making her the entrepreneur she never knew she could become. 

Some people might be surprised to learn that you're bringing in seven figures annually. What are your revenue sources?

Next, at this point in the interview, Lena the Plug gives us the low-down on her impressive financials.

“I have a big YouTube and Instagram following, but 95% of my revenue stream comes from selling access to my premium Snapchat and OnlyFans subscriptions.”

Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal. That’s a lot of fans tuning in each week.

“The other 5% is a combination of YouTube revenue, Instagram and YouTube brand deals, adult tube sites, and merchandise.” 

Lena’s secret sauce? 

“I have always relied on creating and selling quality adult content. It is the bread and butter of my business.”

What role has the internet and social media played in your career (as it stands today)?

Following this very relevant-to-2020 question, Lena the Plug expands by bluntly stating “Without the internet and social media, I would have no career. I would have never known that selling adult content online was even an option.”

“I owe everything to the internet and these platforms.”

How has the pandemic impacted your business?

According to Lena, her “business has been growing steadily during the past couple of months, in terms of selling memberships to my OnlyFans.” 

Since she’s always worked from home, the core difference in her business has been the type of content she is able to create. 

“I can’t meet with other performers to shoot content, so I mostly film solo content or shoot videos with my partner, who I’m quarantined with.”

Needless to say, we are all looking forward to the day when she can get together with other beautiful women again–in person, of course.

Forbes goes on to wrap up their interview with Lena by diving a little deeper into her personal life and asking about the family that she is starting. 

You recently announced that you're pregnant. What was the reaction like from your followers? How has being pregnant impacted work?

“Yes, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant!”

Lena stated that when she made her announcement on social media it was a mixture of positive and negative feedback. 

“I was overwhelmed with beautiful messages from many of my followers who are excited for this new chapter in my life. However, many people felt the need to vocalize their opinions about the mistake they seem to think I am making.” 

For the naysayers, their top concern is that her child will be bullied because of her career choice, working in the adult industry. 

In this category, there are others who believe that if an adult star is choosing to become a mom, they should opt to retire from the sex industry entirely. 

According to Lena the Plug, she’s “ignoring everyone” and continuing to do her job and living her life as she sees fit.

“So far, my pregnancy hasn’t affected my work. People still love my content, even with the extra weight. As I grow and look undeniably pregnant, I am sure I will lose some amount of subscribers who miss my smaller frame, but I will surely gain some new ones who prefer a big-bellied body.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this very first segment of Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls with Lena the Plug. If you love Lena, want to support her, and, more importantly, want to get inside of her, click here to pick up one of her Fleshlights!

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