Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls: Brandi Love (Part One)

Welcome to a new edition of "Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls," where we check in with today's hottest porn stars and learn about what's happening in their lives on both a personal and professional level. In this two-part interview, we're touching base with your favorite blonde MILF and Fleshlight Girl, Brandi Love.

Known for her tone body, incredible D-cup breasts, and insatiable sex drive, Brandi is a "go-to" for mature adult scenes. 


Making her porn debut at 31 years old, Brandi Love began her adult film career later than most girls in the industry. Due to this late start, both the industry and fans automatically tagged the hard-bodied blonde in the "MILF” genre right out of the gates. Mrs. Love took that label and ran with it, fully embracing this persona and becoming an integral part of her personal brand. 

Beginning at some point in her 20s, Brandi made the swinger culture an integral part of her life, so much so that she began filming her own sexual content to sell online. A natural entrepreneur, she launched her first website in 2004, effectively beginning her career as an adult film star.

In 2011, due to her website's overwhelming popularity, Brandi Love began venturing into more mainstream porn ventures and shooting for highly regarded production studios such as Hustler and Brazzers. 

In 2017, we jumped at the opportunity to add her to our Fleshlight Girls lineup. Let's now take a gander at our exclusive Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls interview with Brandi, recorded earlier this year.

Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girl Brandi Love (Part One)

Thank you for meeting with us today, Brandi! We appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule for us.

The first question for you revolves around last year: 2020 was unquestionably a crazy year for us all. What were some of the things you did to cope with it?

2020 – and right on into 2021 – have been the most uneasy years of my life, honestly. Aside from the political turmoil and COVID, we had some serious family challenges that necessitated us moving five times between two states in a year. To cope with it all, we needed to do several things:

  1. Therapy (lol)! I've always been an open book, and there is nothing that has helped me more than the individual and group therapy I've been involved in. Having a support "team" in turbulent times is so incredibly helpful.

  2. We moved to the free and open country of Florida! For me, living in Florida became essential to my emotional well-being. I would be perfectly content never leaving the state again.

  3. I worked. As strange as this year has been, I actually found a way to get back to doing the very things that make my profession fun: shooting personal content & spending time with fans.  

OnlyFans has been the best thing to happen in adult entertainment since live cam. I'm shooting my own personal fantasies as well as those specifically requested by my fans. I'm on there chatting, sexting, talking on the phone, etc every day. It's been a BLAST! My fan base rocks!


My husband and I got outside. Once we made a move to Florida, we could resume a normal life for the most part. I need to shake people's hands, hug them, see their smiles, see the laughter and the sorrow, etc. It was therapeutic to shed the masks and begin to shed the constant fear.

We do things like head to the beach 3-4 times a week near sunset just to watch the sun dip into the ocean and turn the sky into a masterpiece. There are thousands of people there every evening talking, dancing, clapping, and cheering. I've met more people in six months in FL than I met in twenty-two years living in North Carolina.

We're five months into 2021. Have you felt a drastic shift in either your personal or professional life from last year to now? Could you describe any changes, if any?

Everything is different, haha!

Personally, my husband and I couldn't be in a better place. And while we have had a fantastic 26-year marriage, these past six months have been the best yet. We made the decision to simplify everything. We moved from NC to FL, and even our not so little ones have made a move to Florida. It's basically a complete relocation of everyone and everything to various parts of Florida.

Professionally, I've shifted into a different phase of my career. This is true of adult entertainment as well as real estate.

In my adult (career), I will only be going out to LA to shoot pro scenes once a year going forward. I'll spend 30 days straight out west shooting 20 scenes over that period.  

I have completely changed how, where, and why I travel. I'm just not doing big crowds for a while unless it's in a state or city unless I know I'm safe.  

The remainder of the time, I will be focussing on one-to-one interaction and content with the fans. I have been spending a lot of time on live cam, OnlyFans (, FanTime (, Cameo, and on social media. I'm loving it! And based on fan interaction, the fans are loving the attention and personalization as well.

On the real estate front, we used to have multiple waterfront vacation properties across multiple states, and now we are down to three. We have sold off all the other properties. Rather than trying to manage bookings, cleanings, repairs, etc., we decided to simplify. 

We will keep the two vacation rental properties and our personal home, and then going forward; we will focus on a single luxury renovation project per year and then sell it. It keeps the stress levels to a minimum and provides what we need in terms of income.


Have you seen an increase in either your OnlyFans and SnapChat Premium membership signups or increased demand for creative content since the start of the pandemic?

It's really hard to say what's driving the popularity and growth of OnlyFans like platforms. I'm sure that the lockdowns have had an impact but then again, my fan demographic tends to be college-aged singles or men & couples in the upper 30's - upper 50's. Not sure how those demographics are surfing MORE porn from home?

On my own personal website, way back when those were popular, there were very definite patterns. There was always a summer slowdown as students were home and families vacationed together. My busiest days of the week used to be Sunday evening - Wednesday evening because of business travel. Hotels are great for surfing porn and exploring fantasies.  

So when everyone was forced into their homes, I worried my numbers would drop. That didn't happen. There has been slow, steady growth.  

But that's the story with everything I do – I'm a turtle. I've rarely experienced explosive, sudden growth or demand. The only exception was when I was on the Howard Stern Show back in 2004/2005. There was a direct correlation between that appearance and growth on my end.

I'm hopeful that the interest in one-to-one interaction experienced on OnlyFans is here to stay as live cam has been – slowly but steadily increasing and evolving.  

We hope you've enjoyed this part one of Keeping Up With The Fleshlight Girls with Brandi Love. Luckily for you, we've made it possible to feel what it's like to be deep inside Brandi Love's most intimate areas. 

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