Keeping up with the Fleshlight Girls: Brandi Love (Part 2)

Keeping up with the Fleshlight Girls: Brandi Love (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our "Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls" interview with Brandi Love. In this segment, we will reconnect with Mrs. Love and finish up last week's conversation.

If you tuned in last time, you know that Brandi is widely recognized for being an unapologetically horny MILF – ready for intercourse at a moment's notice. We also learned that she is optimistic and ambitious in all facets of her life. Brandi gave us an inside view of her life since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting out in her career, Brandi Love made her porn debut later than most girls in the industry, beginning at 31 years old. Due to this late start, she was immediately tagged in the "MILF” category. Mrs. Love took that label and ran with it, fully embracing this persona and enabling it as a cornerstone of her personal brand. 

Brandi claims that she has always been a profoundly sexual person and began dipping her toes into the swinger scene in her mid-20s. A natural entrepreneur, she started filming her own adult content, launching her first website in 2004.

In 2011, due to her solopreneur porn popularity, Brandi Love began taking on professional gigs, shooting for famous studios such as Hustler and Brazzers. Eventually, in 2017, she became simply too big to ignore, and she joined us as our newest Fleshlight Girl, selling thousands of units of her replica sex toys ever since. 

Let's now dive back into our interview together and learn more about the life of this pornstar legend. 

Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girl Brandi Love (Part Two)

As a performer, how did the pandemic affect your creative output in terms of new content/scenes (if at all), and what was your experience once you were able to shoot again?

Whew! That's a loaded question, haha.

When you literally have the fan base providing the script, creative output necessarily increases. There is an endless stream of fantasies, fetishes, etc., that fans provide. It's awesome!

Personally, I have also been able to shoot the things that I like most in a way that suits my personality. I prefer the traditional film look of 24fps. I like moody, imperfect lighting; I like a little kink. I enjoy being tastefully submissive. So, that's what I personally shoot. It's hard not to be creative when you are shooting exactly what your own mind enjoys.

The only downside is: I wish I had more time in a day. The number of custom videos I'm shooting plus the time spent interacting with fans leave shockingly little time to shoot my own scripts!


As far as shooting in LA, it's a completely different experience. I still appreciate the polish and pageantry of professional shoots. Even though the days are unnecessarily long, I still get excited about my pro-shoots. We all want to see what our favorite stars are like in their homes and real lives, but at some point, we also want to see them on the big screen!

I've had a blast shooting pro scenes in 2021!

What has been your best 2021 experience so far?

Moving to Florida. Hands down, without equivocation, moving to Florida.

If you could describe 2021 in one word, what would it be?


What's your favorite scene you released this year/will be releasing this year?

Impossible to say!! I know my plate is full for my August trip to "LA" but I don't have my scripts yet. I hope there is something incredibly intense scheduled!

I'll be happy to answer more completely after that trip, haha!

Personally, For the first time in far too long, I was able to shoot a threesome scene with my husband for OnlyFan together with Samantha Saint. That has been my favorite shoot thus far, and look forward to shooting a LOT more of that type of content.

And then, for, I was able to do something unique. We utilized pro lighting & pro talent but shot real, raw sex. If two pornstars met up and there was chemistry, this is the result. It was hot!

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests this year? Are there any you are interested in exploring?

You know, I've led a diverse, active lifestyle so if anything, in the past couple of months, I've learned how to relax a bit!


Once we truly get settled into our new home in Florida Chris, and I are going to do two things:

  1. Take dancing classes together. We really want to learn Latin and ballroom dance.

  1. Learn fluent Spanish. We've both taken years of Spanish in college, but haven't used it in so long it's like starting over. Here in Florida and places we tend to travel, it would be helpful to speak it fluently.  

What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm extremely excited about a couple of projects that are developing within the NFT / blockchain space. This isn't simply putting out a single random item but rather a fully formed, multifaceted plan with a mainstream company. I'm excited but also cautiously optimistic!

And then, of course, the two big remodel projects. I can't wait to see these completed! It's been challenging to get these done given the pandemic etc. Between skyrocketing materials costs and a shortage in the labor pool, it's been dicey. I'll be glad to get them done!

Let's talk about your Fleshlight. What is some of the feedback you've received from your fans?

The feedback has been awesome! Let's be honest; Fleshlight is the premiere sex toy for men. Because it's molded directly from me, fans get an actual visual replica of what it would look like as they slide into me! 

And because I can't do anal in my real life, fans are the only people who get to "fuck my ass" with the Shameless Fleshlight!

My fans are awesome about sending me little clips of them using my Fleshlight. They are creative! I've seen them mounted in ways I never thought possible. It's honestly amazing.

Sex is a, if not THE, primary driving influence. To see people satisfying this driving force while using my Fleshlight is as humbling as it is sexy!

And that's been the most consistent feedback they can see themselves inside me.. and it heightens their arousal and pleasure. I can't tell you how many private cam shows I've done where the member is using my Fleshlight to get off while we cam together. That's hot!

We hope you've enjoyed this segment of Keeping Up With The Fleshlight Girls. If you’ve always fantasized about dicking down a real-life MILF, the opportunity is now yours–click here to shop her Fleshlights “Heartthrob” and “Shameless” today!

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