Keeping Up with Fleshlight Girl Angela White

Keeping Up with Fleshlight Girl Angela White

Welcome to our latest segment of “Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls.” In today’s article, we interview one of the most desired curvy porn girls in the industry, Angela White. 

Angela White is a gorgeous adult star known for her striking blue eyes, all natural curves, and (of course) massive 32GG tits. 


Our very first Australian Fleshlight Girl, Angela is a self-identified bisexual performer. And as such, she openly celebrates the diversity of sexual experiences and loves to explore her sexuality with men and women as much off as on camera.

Born on March 4, 1985, Ms. White began nude modeling while in high school at the ripe age of eighteen. That same year, in 2003, Angela also appeared in several adult films, sticking strictly to girl-on-girl and solo porn. 

Finally, in 2011, she filmed her first hardcore boy/girl scene. It was aptly titled “Angela White Finally Fucks,” and it was followed with a win for Score Magazine’s Hardcore Performer of the Year. 

To this day, Angela continues performing, producing and directing adult films at an incredibly high level with no end in sight.

Now, without further ado, we present Angela White’s “Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls” interview. We hope you enjoy getting to know her on a whole other level.

2020-2021 have been unquestionably crazy years for us all. What are some of the things you have done to cope with it?

A lot of masturbating! 

Seriously, it’s an amazing way to relieve stress. I also made sure I structured my days during lockdown. I feel my best when I am productive so I had a schedule for my at-home workouts and OnlyFans commitments. 

We’re 5 months into 2021, have you felt a drastic shift in either your personal or professional life from last year to now? Could you describe any changes, if any?

I’m back on set shooting again and it feels incredible. It’s been amazing to reconnect with all my co-stars and experience the camaraderie and physical intimacy that I missed so much. 

Have you seen an increase in either your OnlyFans signups or increased demand for creative content since the start of the pandemic?

Definitely. The pandemic resulted in a lot of people losing access to physical touch and intimacy. It was awesome to be able to provide sexual entertainment to my fans during the pandemic. It actually kept me from feeling lonely too. 


As a performer, how did the pandemic affect your creative output in terms of new content/films?

I shot more solo masturbation and JOI videos than I ever had before. I even filmed a few Fleshlight JOIs. My fans kept me busy with custom requests and I actually found that their suggestions kept my creative juices flowing.

What was your best 2021 experience?

I just moved into my new place and I love it. 

What's your favorite scene you released this year/will be releasing this year?

I just shot an amazing threesome with Dredd and Violet Myers that I am releasing on my OnlyFans this month. The scene was so hot and I can’t wait for fans to see it. 

I have also filmed two big movies for my own DVD line that will be coming out later in the year that I’m really excited about. 

What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to this year?

You will have to stay tuned! I have BIG news to come but I can’t reveal anything just yet. 

Let’s talk about your Fleshlight – what is some of the feedback you’ve received from your fans?

My fans LOVE my Fleshlight. 


I know many were thankful to have it during this pandemic. The best compliments I get is that it feels so realistic and that it makes them want to cum super fast. I also love when fans send me videos of themselves using my Fleshlight on OnlyFans. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this segment of “Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls” with Angela White. If you’ve made it this far, you undoubtedly want to do more than “get to know” this sensual superstar, so why not give in to temptation? 

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