Introducing The Fleshlight Universal Launch

Introducing The Fleshlight Universal Launch

Back in 2017, we launched Fleshlight’s very first automated masturbation experience, the original Fleshlight Launch.

The concept was simple. We wanted to give users a safe, affordable device that allowed them to experience their favorite standard-sized Fleshlight in a whole new way. 

With it, you had the ability to manually set an automated fapping speed and stroking rhythm to your cock’s delight.

As you might imagine, the original Launch left hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe deeply satisfied. Even though it was a full-blown success, we here at Fleshlight HQ wanted to make the Launch’s user experience even better than before. To do so, we redesigned it, making it easier to use, simpler to control, and more compatible with a broader array of Fleshlights.

Introducing the Fleshlight Universal Launch.


What Fleshlights Can I Use With It?

First, you might be wondering, “Universal. Does this mean it’s compatible with ALL Fleshlights?”

No, but it’s close!

We designed the Universal Launch to provide you with a fully automated experience for use with any standard-sized Fleshlight, Fleshlight GO, or Sex in a Can (no longer produced) product. 

Please note, the Universal Launch is not compatible with Fleshlight Flight and Quickshot products. However, if you want to automate your Quickshot sex toy experience, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check out the Quickshot Launch here!

How Does The Universal Launch Work?

To get started, securely strap in your compatible Fleshlight product using the Universal Ratcheting System. 

Once in a safe, desired position, use the large latch to tighten up the grip snugly while taking care not to overtighten the pressure on your favorite stroker. 


If desired, you may place your smartphone in the phone carriage at the top of the Universal Launch, locking it in place by tightening the back knob. Adjust its viewing angle by first loosening the wingnut on the left side, moving the carriage to an optimal position, and re-tightening.

Once your Fleshlight is locked and loaded, you will then use your right hand to fire up the Universal Launch by pressing the stand-alone power button. 

Next, with your hands controlling the device, get acquainted with the Universal Launch’s easy-to-use rocker switches - located on each handle. In your left hand, you’ll find you can control both the stroke length and position. 


The Universal Launch’s precise positioning function allows you to select where on your dick you want pleasure to be delivered the most. Still using your left hand, press the “position” button and alternate between three available pleasure zones – base, shaft, or tip. 

On your right, you can alternate the stroke speed as you desire. The Universal Launch gives you the ability to toggle effortlessly between four speeds. 


With the Universal Launch, you have the power in your hands to create a fully-customizable fapping experience. Whether you’re in the mood for long and slow strokes, short and intense ones, or something in-between, you decide!

But wait, there’s more! 

Let’s take a closer look at some additional features of your Universal Launch. 

Additional Universal Launch Features

250 Strokes per Minute 

The Universal Launch, at its fastest speed (and shortest stroke length), reaches up to 250 strokes per minute. This equates to over four strokes per second. 

Let’s face it; few women have the stamina to ride you at this speed. Let the Launch give you the experience of a lifetime.

Hands-Free Smartphone Porn Viewing

According to a study, over 80% of all porn is now watched on our smartphones. As a result, we decided to include a universal smartphone holder on the Universal Launch. You can enjoy your favorite adult content standing, sitting, or lying down with an adjustable viewing angle. 


Effortless Charging

The Universal Launch charges and holds a charge effortlessly; plug it into any standard wall outlet and enjoy a 60-minute battery life after a full charge.

A 24/7 Ride-Your-Cock Experience 

Think of the Universal Launch as a partner that is ready and willing to jump on and ride your cock at any hour of the day.

No matter the time, day, or week, simply prepare your Fleshlight, prepare Launch’s settings to your heart’s desire, and off you go!

What’s Included With the Universal Launch?

When you purchase your device, here is a rundown of what you’ll get with it.

  • Universal Launch™

  • Universal Smartphone Mount

  • Power Cable

  • Quickstart Guide

  • Instruction Manual

What are you waiting for?

Click here! The Fleshlight Universal Launch is blasting off in 3… 2…1... 

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