Introducing Riley Reid’s Quickshot: Everything Need and More - Fleshlight

Introducing Riley Reid’s Quickshot: Everything Need and More


You asked and we delivered. 

Finally, a Fleshlight Quickshot toy with realistic female anatomy included.
The Riley Reid Quickshot is designed to provide supplementary stimulation during couple's oral play or for solo masturbation. The decision is entirely yours!

The Riley Reed Quickshot


The Quickshot’s Utopia is an exciting new compact Fleshlight texture similar to our previously launched Quickshot toys, but different due to a variety of new, enticing features. 

For starters, this sleeve marks the union of Fleshlight Quickshots and our most well-known girls – the beloved Riley Reed.

As one of the industry’s hottest stars today, she gives a stellar performance every time she is in front of the camera. Of course, you’d expect nothing but the same degree of perfection out of her toy.

This shrunk-down version of her patented texture is unique in that it’s highly compact but still features the special nuances that her regular-sized texture is famous for.

Riley’s compact Utopia features two unobstructed ends with each one showcasing a different orifice. The front side of the sleeve features Riley Reid’s molded pussy and her ass on the back.

So, no matter what you’re in the mood for, you can now choose between both pussy and butt orifice in one sleeve! 

The Utopia Sleeve


Due to its short length, you might expect it to be limited but the Utopia sleeve manages to pack quite a lot into its compact size.

Penetrating from the pussy orifice, you enter a spherical chamber that is filled with elongated nubs that point towards the center of the chamber.

When thrusting through the butt side, you’ll feel a snug series of ribs grip your cock, providing a welcome rubbing sensation and tight squeeze as you pull out of it.


What’s Included with the Riley Reid Quickshot? 


On the day of its arrival, you can expect to receive the following in your discreet Riley Reid Quickshot package:

  • Open-ended patented clear SuperSkinSleeve
  • Compact Clear case
  • Riley Reid's Mini Butt Orifice
  • Riley Reid's Mini Lady Orifice
  • Compact Utopia Texture
  • Sleeve Caps on each end for convenient storage

All in all, we feel that this new line of Fleshlight Girl Quickshot has the potential to become the “next big thing,” but we’ll let you decide. Not only does it have amazing stimulation and affordable price, but it’s super compact design makes it effortless to hide, clean, and dry! 

Get yours here!

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