Introducing New Fleshlight Girl Violet Myers

Introducing New Fleshlight Girl Violet Myers

If you've always fantasized about a real-life busty and innocent girl who looks like she came straight out of Japanese hentai porn, we have some good news for you – today, we announce our newest Fleshlight Girl, Violet Myers. 

Deliciously curvy in all the right places, this half Latina, half Turkish pornstar was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 24, 1997. With a pair of incredible triple-D tits, giant, pronounced nipples, and cheeky ass, it's easy to see why she's one of porn's fastest-rising superstars.

violet myers doggy

Violet began her career as a model on social media, frequently posting stunningly seductive images and videos that often went viral. During this time, Violet was also going to college and "cammed" on the side for cash well before venturing into full-fledged adult scenes. 

After finishing college and fully understanding the direction she wanted to take her life, she decided to tweet out a straightforward statement that would change her life forever: 

"I want to be a pornstar."

Due to her undeniable sex appeal and sizeable online following, she was quickly recruited by an adult industry representative from "The Score Group," a well-known production studio. Thus, in 2018, at 21 years old, Violet began shooting hardcore adult content every week, where she quickly established a solid reputation with her stellar cock pumping performances. 

According to Violet, she is perpetually horny – so much so that she claims she has to cum at least once daily to keep her sexual urges under control. Upon joining the adult industry, she had a notch count of nearly 40 guys, making her a highly experienced sex expert from her very first scene. This "field experience" allowed her to hit the ground running, making a name for herself in no time.

violet myers outdoors

At this stage of her career, Violet Myers has collaborated with some of the most successful porn companies in the world, such as Team Skeet, Many Vids, BangBros, and more. You can see her performing in such genres as hardcore, Latina, threesome, group sex, and many more.

With multiple AVN Fan Award nominations, a massive social media following, and millions of views across her ever-growing library of online pornography, it's safe to say that Violet Myers is a full-blown industry success, on track to achieving legendary pornstar status. 

Now, you can stick your cock into this incredibly curvy star as you watch her in her on-screen sex scenes by getting her hyper-realistic signature Fleshights "Waifu" and "Ahegao." So keep reading here to learn all about them! 

Violet Myers' Lady Fleshlight: Waifu

Violet Myers is your favorite anime fantasy girl come-to-life. Experience everything this "waifu" has to offer as you push deep into her narrow slit and feel a multitude of textures work together in unison to expertly massage your cock with every thrust. 

violet myers fleshlight orifice

As you slide inside, prepare for a never-before-seen mishmash of pointy cube clusters that greet your penis head… head on! 

violet myers fleshlight texture

As you slide past this first chamber, a squeezing beaded centerpiece awaits your erect member. Waifu's final chamber awaits as you penetrate forward – a gauntlet of elongated horizontal ribs designed for a smooth entry and constricting exit.

Violet Myers' Butt Fleshlight: Ahegao

It turns out one of porn's biggest asses is also one of the tightest! 

violet myers fleshlight butt orifice

Violet Myer's anal Fleshlight "Ahegao" (ah-heh-gah-oh) is everything you've ever wanted in an anal sex experience. Push into Violet's plump booty and feel the engulfing squeeze that only anal sex can provide.

violet myers fleshlight butt texture

This texture is designed with four half-bead clusters separated by a series of narrow corridors and intermittent air pockets. This combination of structures works to deliver a satisfyingly snug and gripping backdoor bang that will leave your eyes rolling in the back of your head as you moan in sexual ecstasy. 

Now that you know all about our newest Fleshlight Girl, keep up to date by following her on Twitter, Instagram, and Cosplay (Anime) Instagram

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