Introducing New Fleshlight Girl Nikki Delano

Introducing New Fleshlight Girl Nikki Delano


Greetings, Fleshlight fans. Today, we’re stoked to announce our newest Fleshlight Girl, the naughty blonde bombshell, Nikki Delano. 

Nikki is the type of girl that women everywhere envy and fear. This isn’t due to just her tiny, curvy body, and huge DD tits, either. Señorita Delano has a certain mischievous “twinkle” in her green eyes that signal she’s up to no good and men can’t get enough of it. 

It’s known throughout the industry that Nikki cares only about one thing when she’s on set: hardcore, mindblowing sex. 

Needless to say, Nikki Delano was an obvious choice for us when we sat down to choose this summer’s newest Fleshlight Girl.


Born in 1986, in Brooklyn, Nikki Delano comes from a mixed Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Italian heritage. It was here that her tough, east coast, Latina attitude was molded into what we all know and love today.

Growing up with strict, religious, conservative parents, she was influenced to take the traditional route in life: college, career, and marriage. As we know, in life, this sometimes backfires and makes girls want to rebel. And rebel she did!

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology she dropped her conservative lifestyle and began working as both an exotic dancer and model.

It wasn’t until Brazzers discovered Nikki and urged her to give porn a try that she began her career that we have come to know and enjoy today. So far, she’s worked for major studios like Brazzers and won many awards like “Best Latino Performer” in 2012, “Best Ass” in 2013, and “Best Butt” in 2014.

Nikki Delano’s Lady Texture

Nikki Delano’s lady sleeve, “Fuego” is unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Prepare yourself for a knee-shaking experience!


Upon penetration, you'll begin with a wavy entry point and unique pleasure-bead followed immediately by intensity ridges. 

If you can survive the first chamber without blowing your load, the overlapping ridges featured in the sleeve’s second chamber might just get you there. 

Finally, if you can reach it, Fuego’s waffle design of alternating areas of tightness will lead to sensory overload and an inevitable bed-shaking orgasm.

Nikki Delano’s Butt Texture

At first glance, Nikki Delano's butt texture, “Fantastica,” may seem more simple and minimalistic than other recent launches, but the secret is in the sensation. 


Immediately following a snug entrance, you’ll encounter row after row of intensity ridges coupled with both sporadic pleasure beads and varying degrees of tightness. 

You will be shocked at how easily you bust while stroking with Nikki’s backdoor texture!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to slide deep into Nikki Delano’s holes. Click here to get your hands on her Fleshlights today!

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