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Introducing New Fleshlight Girl: Maitland Ward


Gentlemen, we hope you’re ready because we here at Fleshlight have a HUGE announcement to make: We’re now just a few weeks shy from launching our newest Fleshlight girl, Maitland Ward!

Check out our announcement video below to see how some of our other Fleshlight Girls reacted to the news. 


Getting to Know Maitland Ward

Originally from Long Beach, California, Ms. Ward is nearly brand new to the adult industry. Working for most of her early career as a model and television actress, she eventually retired and later decided to take on a new challenge, starting in adult films in 2019.

Maitland is known for much more than her long, slender figure and strikingly sexy demeanor. Look closely and you might recognize her from such roles as Rachel on Boy Meets World and the ditsy blonde Brittany in White Chicks

However, with time, she came to the realization that she did not want to be typecast as a sweet and innocent girl, she developed a passion for role-playing. It was here that the blue-eyed, fiery redhead fell in love with cosplay and has transformed herself into different characters like Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, and sexy Princess Leia. 

Maitland, a Comic-Con enthusiast, says cosplay has helped her be more confident in feeling sexy on and off the camera. This passion helped her transition into the adult industry as an immediate star.

More on Maitland 


Entering the adult industry in 2019 as the new face of, a high-end XXX site with a luxurious and sensual feel, while working alongside high-profile stars like fellow Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid

Maitland has taken the adult industry by storm so quickly by combining her amazing body with the kind of acting ability that sets her apart from so many other beautiful starlets.

Amazingly, in just her first year of porn, she won Best Supporting Actress at the 2020 AVN Awards. Needless to say, this bombshell has an exciting new career ahead of her!

As you wait for her pussy and ass textures to launch, make sure to check out her ever-growing library of sex videos that go far beyond what anyone expected when she first said she might “give porn a try.”

The Maitland Ward Fleshlights launch on Monday, May 25th. Stay tuned for updates!

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