How to use the Fleshlight Flight

How to use the Fleshlight Flight

The Fleshlight Flight model is ideal for anyone who needs a travel-friendly sex toy. Whether you have to jet-set for your job or want to relax during a much-deserved vacation, these compact masturbation toys can take you on an explosive journey in any location. Fleshlight sleeves come in durable cases that can handle the jostling and bustle of travel. Inside the case, Fleshlight Flight sleeves feature a plush canal with a series of smooth ridges, delicate folds, and luscious bumps that result in an incredible physical response. For anyone who needs to satisfy a healthy sex drive and achieve an awesome release during stressful travel, Fleshlight Flight sleeves offer the convenience of having a pleasure aid right at your fingertips.

Even if you simply want to relax at home, the Fleshlight Flight is a versatile sex toy for any man to keep handy. Compact enough to store in a dorm room or in a home drawer or closet, these sex toys can help you place your most erotic fantasies in the palm of your hand. Fleshlights have a fleshy, sensuous texture suitable for use in the shower, the bathtub, or even the pool or Jacuzzi. The Fleshlight design features a patented SuperSkin that simulates the voluptuousness of a woman's plush core, and you can use these sex toys easily.

Fleshlight Flight toys come in three notable models: Flight Aviator, Flight Pilot, and Flight Instructor. Each model has a unique internal texture and compatible features to make every movement better than the last. Whether you travel around or simply need to take a load off after a long day at work, learn how to use the Fleshlight Flight and immerse yourself into the ultimate pleasure.

How to Use the Fleshlight Flight Aviator

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator puts you at the helm of your most erotic fantasies. This pleasure tool offers a variety of exciting carnal possibilities due to its expert design. Each Aviator comes with both case and pleasure-sleeve. The classy dark case allows you to fly with your Fleshlight completely under the radar. Whether you need to pack the case in your luggage or store it in your dorm, this case is the perfect way to keep your masturbation aid handy. Within the case comes the real buried treasure. The clear sleeve allows you to view every thrust and erotic movement, making this sleeve a scintillating tease when used alone or with a partner. For example, if your lady holds the sleeve while pleasuring other parts of your body, both of you can watch your reaction for a much greater turn-on and climatic satisfaction. If you simply want to discover how to use the Fleshlight Flight Aviator on your own, the translucent channel and folds can show you exactly which thrusts or positions maximize your satisfaction.

To use the Flight Aviator, remove the sleeve from its case and allow running warm water to cascade through the sleeve's interior for approximately 5 minutes. Shake off any excess water, and allow the sleeve to air-dry briefly. Re-insert your sleeve into the case, and then apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your erection and to the soft Fleshlight orifice. From here, you can slip into the Aviator's luscious folds and allow nature to take over. As you pump and stroke, you or your partner can control the suction by tightening or loosening the end cap. This action also helps as you plunge deeper into the 8-inch chamber since the tightness of the pleasure rings teasingly increases with each stroke. Once you are finished, empty the contents down the drain and cleanse with Fleshwash antibacterial cleaner. Allow the Aviator to air-dry completely on a towel before returning it to its case.

The Fleshlight Aviator's custom design also makes it a bold centerpiece for combo packs. You will want to add these combo packs to your collection much like you anticipate takeoff for a long-awaited trip. For example, transform your bedroom into a sexy mile-high club with the Clear Skies Flight Pack. This package includes the signature Aviator along with the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage and Fleshwater lube. Use the Quickshot during fellatio so that your partner can watch as your body shudders with turbulent release. The open-ended design enables diverse activities from hand-caressing to swallowing. With the Fleshlube handy, you can feel right in the flight deck of masterfully controlling your own pleasure. Similarly, the Clear as Ice Pack includes the Fleshlight Aviator along with Go Torque and Ice Lady sex toys. Use these translucent sex toys to watch every movement alone or with a partner. From phone sex to sexy Skype or webcam sessions, these clear sex toys can take the fun to uncharted heights of enjoyment.

How to Use the Fleshlight Flight Pilot

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot model allows you to be the conductor of your own sexual fantasy. This compact masturbator is for those who prefer sex toys that have a minimalist design but still deliver rock-hard pleasure. Each Pilot model sleeve has contoured ribbing, nipple-like beads, and ultra-smooth spirals that heighten your pleasure. It also comes with a textured black case that makes it easy to transport and store. Whether you want to have a sexy session alone, during vacation, or with a partner, learning how to use the Fleshlight Flight Pilot can put you in the cockpit of all of your sensual dreams.

To use the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, remove the sleeve from its black case. Hold the removed sleeve under warm tap water in order to wash and heat it slightly before use. Shake off any excess water, and let the sleeve sit to air-dry. After it dries, apply a liberal amount of lube to your shaft and the sleeve's orifice. From here, you can insert your erect penis into the puckered opening. This sleek entrance opening is non-yonic, making it suitable for any type of fantasy. The appearance is also subtle enough for use during intercourse with your lady.

During use, you can gradually unscrew the cap to allow more airflow into the snug masturbation sleeve. This adjustment also allows you to control the suction as you find your own natural rhythm and pleasure zone. After use, simply unscrew the end-cap until it's completely removed. Empty the contents down the drain and wash easily with Fleshwash cleanser. Do not use harsh soap as its chemicals may damage the Fleshlight's fleshy SuperSkin. Allow your Pilot to air-dry thoroughly before storing it away in the case.

Because of the Fleshlight Flight's aerodynamic design, it is ideal for use during steamy sessions in the shower or bathtub. To make the most of these heated encounters, any red-blooded male should invest in the Fleshlight Flight Pilot Shower Pack. This combo pack comes with the sleek Fleshlight Pilot sleeve and a moisture-proof shower mount for hands-free thrusting. The pack also comes with Fleshlube water to massage onto your erection and the Fleshlight sleeve's velvety orifice. Perhaps most importantly, the Fleshlight Pilot Shower Pack includes the Flight Adapter to help you make the most of using your Fleshlight and shower mount together. With this package, you can control the level, pace, and positioning of each gyration as water cascades over your body.

To use the complete Shower Pack, remove the cap from your Fleshlight and screw on the Flight Adapter in its place. Screw the shower mount to the other end of the adapter. Secure the suction-backed shower mount to your shower or stall wall, and you are ready to take off into your fun time. The Pilot, Flight Adapter, and shower mount create a complete unit for unforgettable solo masturbation or incredible shower sex with a partner. Because the shower mount attaches to any flat, secure surface, you can enjoy a host of fantasies and positions. Whether you want to imagine yourself thrusting hard into the illicit confines of a glory hole or you simply want to add adventurousness to morning sex with your partner, the Fleshlight Pilot Shower Pack brings each riveting fantasy to life. Since the pack is easy to travel with, you can also try it in hotels or vacation getaways for long-distance fun.

How to Use the Fleshlight Flight Instructor

The Fleshlight Flight Instructor is a slow, sultry masturbation aid that aims to increase your stamina during intercourse and extend your pleasure during any erogenous movement. This sex-training device is all about smooth sailing, male endurance, and an effortless landing. Anyone who is new to male sex toys or who wants to add variety to their contoured tools can benefit from learning how to use this Fleshlight.

To use the Fleshlight Flight Instructor, slide the Fleshlight from its compact white case. Rinse the inside of the Fleshlight sleeve under warm running water for around 5 minutes. Shake off any excess water, and allow the sleeve to air-dry. Slide the sleeve back into its case, and then coat the entryway and your erect shaft with lubricant. Using a light, water-based lubricant like Astroglide can help with ease of entry. Since the Instructor model has been designed as a more compact version of the Stamina Training Unit, you should penetrate slowly as the chamber encircles your length. The Instructor model features an inner sleekness ideal for those intent on practicing stroke game and control, and its smoothness also serves those who need to relax with a luxuriously lengthy solo session. You can also use the Fleshlight Flight Instructor hands-free with a shower mount. From men who are just starting out and want practice to veterans who seek to feel serviced, the Instructor makes for a soothing and ultra-satisfying ride.

How to Use the Fleshlight Non-Stop Flight Pack

The Fleshlight Non-Stop Flight Pack is for men who need uninhibited sexual fulfillment. As the name implies, this pack is for stallions who can go all night long. The combo pack includes the Fleshlight Aviator, Pilot, and Instructor all in one bundle for a series of voluptuous sex sessions. Each model in the Flight series features something a little different so that you can enjoy varying contours and constrictions as you give every sleeve a go. Since the desire to ravage tight spaces remains deep in the passions of every man, you can satisfy every need for variety with this pack. The Non-Stop Flight Pack serves as the ultimate orgy, supplying you with three lush Fleshlights along with shower mount and Flight Adapter for wild times in the shower or tub. With Fleshlube Water also included, you can enjoy each pleasure chamber in this collection without restriction or restraint. Rather than having to wait to try each model in the Flight series, the Non-Stop Flight lets you enjoy customized stimulation without layover or delay.

To use the Fleshlight Non-Stop Flight Pack, remove the three Fleshlight sleeves from their cases. In order to ensure that the sleeves are warm enough and ready to use, hold the Fleshlights under warm running water for about 5 minutes. Allow the masturbation sleeves to air-dry, and then return them to their respective cases. Liberally apply water-based lube to your erect penis and the textured opening of each Fleshlight that you want to use. For intense sessions, use the Aviator for a series of tight, rippling coils that stimulate the shaft at all of the sensitive points. Similarly, the Pilot uses a series of nipple-like bumps, come-hither fingers, and contoured ribs in an interval pattern to stroke the penis from base to tip.

As you use each canal, you can control the voluptuous suction by alternately tightening and loosening the screw cap. For most men, this suction simulates the quaking, fluttering, and pull of a woman's intimate zone. For an even more powerful experience, try mounting the Pilot or the Instructor to a flat surface in your shower using the Fleshlight Flight Adapter and shower mount. Once you are finished, each sleeve in the Non-Stop Flight Pack is easy to clean; just empty the contents into the drain and rinse with Fleshwash antibacterial wash. If you crave a sexual experience that leaves you feeling sated and replete, this combo allows you to live out each of your sensational solo sessions to the fullest.

Self-pleasure can always be fun, but learning how to use the Fleshlight Flight can put you at the helm of ultimate sexual enjoyment. Choose the Aviator to see the action and take advantage of combo packs, or try the Pilot and Instructor for pounding and strokes that you can even use with a wall mount. Whatever you decide, the Fleshlight Flight is your ticket to a good time.

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