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How To Use Anal Toys for Safe Backdoor Play

There’s nothing quite like the marvelous backdoor hole. Where else can you indulge in sensational prostate stimulation while sending pleasure shooting down your dick? 

The only issue is there are so many types of anal toys for anal play, and there are a few ways that anal stimulation can go wrong (if you’re not yet a seasoned pro). Everyone deserves to have a fantastic introduction to anal pleasure, and at Fleshlight, we’re determined to give an in-depth and comprehensive guide. Let’s get started! 

What Are Anal Toys?

There is a large variety of anal toys, which are all designed to ignite different pleasure centers and fulfill kinks. Generally, an anal toy is a device designed to stimulate the anus and/or prostate via some form of penetration. 

Here are some of the different types of anal toy categories you should be aware of:

  • Anal beads: The anal bead is a classic device that comes in many shapes and sizes. At its core, it’s a device made of interconnected balls that are slowly inserted into the rectum. The nice thing about anal beads is that they’re adaptable. Insert one bead for a little teasing pleasure, or get a few up there for mind-blowing prostate stimulation. 
  • Butt plugs: An anal plug device is a cone-shaped toy with a large flared base. These toys are designed to be slowly massaged into the rectum and are held in place via the base. 
  • Vibrators: So, here’s the great news: both anal beads and butt plugs can come with vibration. Imagine teasing three slick beads into your anus only to start the vibration function and experience waves of endless pleasure. Picture a vibrating butt plug drilling into you. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. 
  • Dildos: Looking for a warm rod up your ass? The anal dildo is the ideal creation to stimulate anal sex. It’s also a great toy to practice with. Start with small dildos and work your way up to the big guns to prep for actual anal intercourse. 

Most of these toys are made of body-safe silicone; however, they can be made of stainless steel or glass. Just like all other sex toy categories, anal toys are diverse and highly adaptable to your preferences. 

Use these toys for hands-free foreplay, as prostate massagers, or as part of anal training kits. Don’t be afraid to explore this part of your sex life!

The Importance of Safe Backdoor Play

Here’s the thing: all sex toys need to be used with a healthy amount of caution. Your body, and especially your genitals, can be delicate and sensitive. It’s important to start slow when using a new toy and listen to your body. 

It’s also incredibly crucial to only purchase from reputable sex toy manufacturers. A low-quality manufacturer will sell poorly designed toys that can actually hurt you. 

Here are some tips to ensure safe backdoor play:

  1. Avoid baseless plugs: A flared base is vital for safe anal play. Over 4,000 Americans go to the hospital every year because they have a foreign object stuck in their bum. A butt plug without a base can (and likely will) get stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. 
  2. Avoid anal vibrators with poor reviews: Literally, no one wants electrification via their backdoor pleasure palace. Always, always, always check the reviews and only purchase from legit sellers. 
  3. Choose comfort: If you're engaging in some exciting butt play and things start to get uncomfortable, take a break. There will always be time for more experimentation later on (which we encourage).
  4. Prep adequately, but not excessively: Listen, there is some prep needed for safe anal play, and we’ll dive deeper into this in the next section. However, you do not have to use an enema if you don’t want to. Make sure your toy is clean. Wash the surface of your bum hole with warm water and appropriate antibacterial soap. Use your favorite silicone-based lubes or water-based lube. That’s all there is to it. 

The key here is that to have fun playing with anal toys, you need to keep your anus in tip-top shape. Follow the appropriate precautions, and you’ll be just fine. 

How To Safely Use Anal Toys 

Finally, the instructions you’re here for—Fleshlight’s official guide on using anal toys safely. Before we get started, though, we need to cover a general piece of advice. Anal toys are a little different than your standard male sex toys. These toys are often intimidating, and there can be a mental battle as you rationalize putting a device up your bum. 

This battle is totally normal. Unlocking anal pleasure is sometimes a mind game. Remember to take things slow and never force something you're uncomfortable with. Practice makes perfect, and soon, you’ll be drilling your backdoor like a pro. 

Without further ado, here’s the ideal beginner’s guide on how to use the top anal toys: 

  • Start Small: Always start with a smaller toy and work your way up to the big dogs. This gradual build will allow you to slowly stretch your anal muscles and make way for the ultimate pleasure. Also, engage in small motions at the beginning. Little thrusts are key to opening the backdoor. Refrain from inserting any toy to the hilt until you’ve really worked your anal rings.  
  • Get Comfortable: Put yourself in a comfortable space where you can relax. There are a few different positions that make for the optimal anal experience. The best beginner pose is reclined with your legs raised. If this feels awkward or unstable, adjust to laying on your side with one leg raised. Don’t be afraid to get pillows involved to help you feel natural and sensual. 
  • Lube Up: You must use lots of lube on your toy before you begin anal play and lube as often as needed as you adjust to the new sensations. A silicone-based lubricant will last longer and keep you wetter throughout play. However, many still prefer a water-based lube since it feels more natural. 
  • Keep Toys Clean: Proper hygiene is essential. An anal device will need to be cleaned with a toy cleaner after every session. The toy should be dried and stored in a cool, dark place until your next session. This cleaning procedure will keep your device functioning well for years, so always clean up after play! 
  • Start Exploring: Part of the whole fun of anal play is sexual exploration! Anal sex toys are all different. Some ignite different nerve endings, some tease the sphincter in special ways, some are better for reaching the male G-spot (the prostate or the P-spot), and some are better for rimming. Start slow for your first time, and then ramp up your game for the ideal butthole pleasure. 

Anal penetration should be fun! Follow this guide to get every bit of sensation out of your sphincter muscles and broaden your idea of what sexual pleasure can be. 

Slip Into the World of Back End Satisfaction With Fleshlight

At Fleshlight, we prioritize designing anal toys with body-safe materials that delight and please. Our silicone toys come in all shapes and sizes for all your masturbation needs. 

Remember, the best anal sex toys are the devices that work best for you. Don’t be afraid to explore our collections and select the toy that speaks to you.
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