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How To Use a Fleshlight

What Exactly Is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a fantastic device that deserves every bit of its fame. Simply put, a Fleshlight is a sex toy modeled after a vagina and meant for self-sexual pleasure. 

There are many different types of Fleshlights and methods of use, but the general construction remains the same. All Fleshlights have the following: 

  1. A hard outer shell: This outer covering is usually made of a plastic case and is always durable, capable of taking years of pounding.  
  2. A replaceable inner sleeve: The famous sleeve comes in plenty of designs, shapes, and even sizes. All are made to grip and tease your member with body-safe, high-quality silicone. 
  3. A discreet design: While some Fleshlights are more transportable than others, none are ostentatious, and all are designed to go wherever you do. 

Here at Fleshlight, we maintain our 'top-dog status' by continuing to innovate the classic Fleshlight design, bringing untold pleasure to the next generation. 

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to use our revolutionary masturbation sleeve that started it all.   

Get Prepped To Use Your Fleshlight

Just like partnered sex, using a Fleshlight requires some prep work. Here are the basics that you'll need for every session:

  • A form of lubricant 
  • A warming method
  • A quality cleaner

We'll dive more into these must-haves in a moment. For now, here's our list of the materials you don't need but that can turn a standard masturbation session into an extraordinary one. 

  • A top porno: There's nothing like sinking onto a Fleshlight while watching your favorite porn star take it like a champ.  
  • Mutual masturbation partner: Mutual masturbation is not partnered sex but a pleasurable experience where you and a partner masturbate simultaneously. It's made even better with a Fleshlight at your side. 
  • A backdoor plug: A Fleshlight is designed to stimulate your member and balls, leaving your anal cavity out of the fun. Using a butt plug can enhance your experience and allow for unheard-of levels of pleasure.  

Whatever your methods, even a Fleshlight session at its most basic will feel like nothing you've experienced before. 

How To Use a Fleshlight for Amplified Pleasure

There are many ways to use a Fleshlight; some methods will rock your world, while others won't do it for you. Make sure to keep an open mind and always follow proper safety precautions. 

Here's how the makers of Fleshlight recommend using our miraculous toys. 

1. Warm Up Your Toy

A vaginal canal is delightfully warm, a sensation that your Fleshlight can mimic. It just requires you to follow some steps. 

The DIY option is to fill a bucket with warm water or get a faucet going. Ensure the water isn't too hot to the touch or you'll risk burning yourself. Simply dunk the male sex toy in the bucket or run it under the faucet for a few seconds. Now, you're good to go. 

The other more high-tech option is purchasing a sleeve warmer. This device is made to heat up the sex toy sleeve to 105° Fahrenheit or 40° Celsius in under five minutes. This temperature perfectly recreates a real sexual encounter

Either method will heat the specialty patented SuperSkin material sleeve. Once warm, the sleeve feels so much like the real thing it's almost like magic. The warmth from a Fleshlight stroker also helps improve stamina training and adds to any sex position, like missionary position or doggy-style. 

2. Break Out the Lubricant

Unlike a real vagina, the Fleshlight is not self-lubricating. In order to optimize your experience, you'll need lube. Some men choose to use the spit method or an around-the-house lubricant, but we recommend our specialty lubes

Whichever lubricant you ultimately pick, make sure it's a water-based lube. Any other lube could damage the Fleshlight or your member. 

Water-based lubricant helps you slide easily into the Fleshlight, but adding too much could result in a slip-and-slide that's hard to control. Start your session with a dime-sized amount of lubricant and lube up as needed.

3. Start Slow

You're used to using your hand for self-stimulation. The pace you set with that method is tried and true, but a Fleshlight is a different beast. 

If you start out as aggressive or as fast with a new Fleshlight, you'll likely experience a moment of premature ejaculation—the sensations are that good. 

It's best to start slow. Ease your way into your Fleshlight for the first time and build power and stroke speed as you get more comfortable. 

One of the best aspects of your new toy is that you can experiment with new rhythms and tempos to your heart's content. You no longer need to worry about tiring your wrist or displeasing a new partner. 

The best sex toy will take whatever you give without issues or complaints; it's designed for your pleasure. 

4. Try New Techniques

The traditional method of using a Fleshlight is delightful and highly pleasurable. However, there are other ways to use your toy to enhance sensations, such as:

  • Using a Fleshlight launch: A Fleshlight usually requires you to hold it steady and thrust, but not with a hands-free sex mount. These devices hold your Fleshlight and do the thrusting for you. You can control stroke speed and length, moving as fast as 250 strokes per minute. 
  • Adding a vibrator: Also known as a vibrating pocket pussy, adding a vibration element to your Fleshlight is otherworldly. 
  • Trying a shower mount: Masturbating in your room can become boring after a while. A Fleshlight shower mount allows you to experience the sensual feeling of warm water dripping on you while you pound into your immobilized Fleshlight attached to the shower wall. 

Ease your way into new techniques one at a time and develop a powerful jacking-off routine that leaves you breathless. 

5. Keep It Clean

A vagina is self-cleaning. A Fleshlight is not. After every session, you should clean up thoroughly with warm water for around a minute. Make sure you get all the lube and jizz out of the inner Fleshlight sleeve. 

Invest in a good cleaning product for optimal cleanliness and properly cleanse your Fleshlight after every use. A proper cleaning routine protects your Fleshlight from bacteria build-up and keeps the skin of your member safe. Washing out a Fleshlight should take about the same amount of time that it takes to wash your hands. 

A good toy cleaner will also help your device last longer with minimal issues or damage. 

Find Your Perfect Solo Partner With Fleshlight

When it comes to masturbation, there’s nothing like the Fleshlight experience. Your ideal toy will be delivered in discreet shipping and will last you for years. Our specialty male masturbators can model the ultimate doggy-style session, a fantastic blowjob, and more.

  • The Quickshot: These highly transportable, open-ended toys are versatile and fun. Get one modeled after your favorite porn star for the ideal experience. 
  • The Turbo: The amount of suction on these blowjob simulators is unreal. Sinking into a Turbo is like receiving real head whenever you want.  

Check out the range of Fleshlight products and decide which revolutionary sex toy with top realistic feeling is the one for you. 

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