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Hands-Free Masturbation: What Is It & How Is It Done?

What Is Hands-Free Masturbation?

Hands-free masturbation is simply any masturbatory act completed without the use of your own hands on your genitalia. In reality, this masturbation method can get complicated with many different pleasurable options for stimulation. 

In this article, we will review how exactly masturbation works sans hands and the different ways to bring on a stunning orgasm. 

How Does Hands-Free Masturbation Work?

Why try hands-free masturbation in the first place? It’s exciting and can open new doors of sensation and sexual pleasure that hands alone can’t. Masturbation is a great time to try new things and explore your body in a safe manner. 

Just like partnered sex, masturbation techniques can get varied and wild. Not every approach will get you going, so don’t hesitate to try new things and shop around for what works. 

Here are our top methods for acing hands-free masturbation: 

Humping or Grinding

The classic grind is a tried and true sexual technique seen on dance floors and car back seats since the dawn of puberty. It works for a reason; the friction of a grind is strong enough to feel wonderful but just light enough to tease. 

Humping or grinding is a great way to slowly build up to orgasm without needing to use your hands. Here are some techniques to keep in mind for your next solo sexual experience. 

  • Pillow method: Those with a vagina can straddle a bunched-up pillow and rock back and forth for a lovely clitoris and labia sensation. Anyone with a penis can take two pillows and create a valley, wedging your member in and getting to work. It will feel similar to stunning deep-throat action. Just make sure you wash the pillow cover in warm water after you’re done. 
  • Partner thigh: Utilizing your partner’s thigh for your own masturbation can be a highly erotic experience. Don’t be afraid to use lube if needed, and take as long as you need. 
  • Foreplay: Humping or grinding as a method of foreplay can get you and your partner in the mood for some mind-blowing sex. Intertwine your legs for a duel sensation, or take turns to make the moment last. 

The grind and hump can turn a standard sexual moment into a memorable experience. 

Sex Toys

Premium sex toys are the new frontier in masturbation and partnered sex, and they’re excellent ways to enjoy hands-free pleasure. We’ve listed some of the best erotic toys for advanced masturbation. 

  • Pornstar Pocket Pussy: These tools are modeled after your favorite porn star and grip like nothing else, allowing you to become fully immersed in your ideal fantasy. Attach your pocket pussy to a suction cup and go to town hands-free. 
  • Vibrating Male Masturbators: Vibration opens a whole new world of masturbation. These male masturbators create unreal vibration patterns that send pleasure shooting up your member and throughout your body. You won’t need to use your hands when you’re inside one of these top toys designed with the ideal vibration modes. 
  • Sleeve Warmers: A warmer is a device that will heat up your sex toy to the exact temperature of a warm snatch. It creates a level of authenticity that feels amazing and doesn’t require using any extra appendages. 
  • Sex Toy Mounts: There are many types of mounts, each offering a unique erotic experience hands-free. There are options for automatic stroking, shower sex, and more. Check out the best in sex toy automation, and you’ll never go back. 

Not every sex toy will work for you. Read reviews, purchase from a reputable company, and don’t be afraid to try new things. You’ll be masturbating without hands in no time. 

Prostate Stimulation

The prostate is a powerful gland that gives intense sensations when stimulated. There are so many nerves on this gland that even the slightest amount of backdoor play can result in a wild orgasm. 

Start out using fingers to work into your bum and stroke this gland. Once you’ve mastered this technique, it’s time to invest in the best anal sex toys for men to use with no hands. 

These hands-free male masturbators work so well that you won’t need any extra complicated toys like a Bluetooth cock ring or remote control strokers. Simply inch the rechargeable tool into your rectum and wait for the ejaculation of your lifetime.    

Orgasmic Breathing

Orgasmic breathing is not a new technique, and it allows practitioners to access a deeper, more powerful orgasm. Here’s how it works:

  1. Begin your favorite masturbation method: Start grinding, turn on your sex toy, or begin prostate stimulation, and settle into your routine. 
  2. Start to focus on your breathing: Take note of your breathing patterns. Start to slow down your breath and concentrate on an even breathing pattern. 
  3. Take slow, deep, measured breaths: This is where the magic happens. Focus on taking larger and larger breaths. The more oxygen you send throughout your body, the better the orgasm will feel. 
  4. Continue this breathing pattern throughout orgasm: If you can keep the same pattern during your orgasm, you’ll be rewarded with a toe-tingling experience. 

This method may take some practice to get right. It’s normal for beginners to have interrupted breathing patterns or accidentally hold their breath during orgasm. This hands-free method takes practice and diligence, but the end result is extraordinary. 

Erotic Hypnosis

Frankly, this method won’t do it for everyone; however, it’s highly pleasurable if you can get it to work. Erotic hypnosis is a method of hypnosis that aims to elicit a hands-free orgasm. 

It can be done independently, with a partner, or even in a group. The idea is that eroticism and pleasure largely take place in the brain, so hypnosis can result in stunning orgasms. After all, watching porn and reading erotica can turn you on without ever touching yourself. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Step One: Set your goals for the session and make sure you’re in a comfortable, safe space. 
  • Step Two: Start to enter a trance. Use a video or recording for a self-guided session, or have your hypnosis partner start to guide you down erotic thought patterns. 
  • Step Three: Sink deeply into the trance and engage in the erotic mind-space or other BDSM-similar practices. 

Sexual hypnosis is often used in conjunction with kink practice or the BDSM world. Regardless of your exact tastes, it’s an excellent method of hands-free masturbation. 

Don’t expect to orgasm on the first try. This form of hypnosis requires practice and time to get it right. Take things slow and just focus on enjoying yourself. 

Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Hands-Free Grand Finale 

The process of masturbation is fun, but generally, you’re working toward the ultimate goal of cumming. 

Here are some tips for achieving an orgasm with hands-free masturbation:

  • Know your turn-ons and what gets you aroused besides your hands.
  • Be patient! You won’t always get it right the first time, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.
  • Try new techniques if one isn’t working for you. 
  • Practice with a partner. 
  • Use only the best toys, lube, and other supports. 

You deserve to enjoy everything that solo sex has to offer. Try every hands-free masturbation technique until you land on the one that blows your mind and your top.

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